Monday, August 5, 2013

BITS + PIECES: stills- a weekly collection

It was a notoriously wet week this week and we desired to get out into the garden and outdoors. With skies an oyster grey, pregnant with threatening clouds of rain, forcing us to stay inside, we watched the rain soak our seedlings and make puddles on our path. My tribe are longing for warmer weather, no colds, longer-days and less clothing. But alas it was not this week. 
We watched old movies, baked sourdough bread, got crafty, enjoyed the postman turning up, had friends Soph and little Bon visit, and kept to our morning rituals- of yoga, a hot pot of tea and quiet play. Afternoons were filled with crafternoons and Montessori lessons. Dress ups, beds left unmade and couch time features heavily in our days. My tribe are still recovering from a month of illness but I think we are returning to normal days and an increase in energy. When Miss Three headed to a day of kinder I headed to thewoodflk for a Heico lamp, a coffee and a walk around Fairfield boathouse with Little fox. It was cold and crisp sitting by the river listening to the call of ducks, wattle birds and  kookaburras. The week ended better than it began and I am filled with gratitude that the days are returning to calmer times.

morning yoga, we used Babar's book of Yoga for Elephants for inspiration

T2 afternoon tea with this teapot {I can't believe l won} and these cookies recipe found here

chia seed and sourdough bread recipe on this tuesday's recipe blogpost
Reclaimed Loop scarves bound for the Etsy shop tomorrow
Our daily classes at home

a morning coffee at Tana cafe

Cuddles with a little munchkin
Miss Three entertains Bon, can't believe Tully was once this small.
Winter's afternoon light over our olives

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