Saturday, August 10, 2013

Around here I've been.....

Inspired: by women around me creating, living and breathing in art and life. 

Participating: in Montessori life lessons in the home for August with Patchworkcatcus.

Making: a mess of this house folding and reorganising things.

Cooking: loaves of bread, baby food and homemade lemonade in thermie

Drinking: Cups of tea, Warm ginger drinks, Hand Crafted Beez Neez Honey wheat beer by Matilda Bay.

Buying: a boho cardi just for me {had to laugh em of theBettleshack also owns one so l found out when l suggested she get one}.

Reading: Bloglovin, the bible, Frankie, Yoga and the search for the true self, a romance novel and You Can't Make Me {But I can be persuaded}.

Wanting: To head down the coast to plant my feet in the sand, taste some wine, pick some apples from the orchard and have an adventure. Second to that, children who sleep through the night without me having to hold them all night!

Beliving: that l wrote all this, this week 31/52 portraits here, Stills here, recipe archive here, wordless wednesday here, reflections here and gardening post here.

Listening: to Sia's Natalie's Song, the Audreys, Sarah Blasko and the Persian hours

Looking: out the window at the birds eating out of my bird feeder and the late afternoon sun casting long shadows on my floor. 

Playing: the choosing game with Miss Three and rolling with Little fox {well his rolling and I'm applauding}.

Wasting: Time questioning myself and struggling with self criticism {Oh shut up!}

Sewing: Now that l got my feetdogs down, {yep l had to ring someone as l didn't have a clue} I'm starting to do a baby quilt for a little girl.

Wishing: I could go for a long walk meandering through a vineyard with a really BIG glass of red and my hubby.

Enjoying: the smell of bread baking that Ads put in before he took the kids to Nana's {oh yes silence!}

Waiting: for Miss three to get over Tonsillitis and back to full health. I'm so over it!

Liking: Ikat fabrics, handmade vessels, old vintage linens, Eames furniture for my home & Mutto dots on my wall for all the bags {and jackets, and kids things}

Wondering: If I'll ever get this house to resemble what is in my head {you know clean!}

Loving: Learning how to meander and slow down as l watch Miss Three play and become immersed in it. Not a worry, just the pleasure of play, creating and the imagination.

What floats your boat? I'd love to know.
Happy weekend everyone!
x Mummafox

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