Sunday, August 25, 2013

34/52: a portrait project

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Poppy: you keep me on my toes, such spirit and wonder, always creating & being the storyteller. You are smart, beautiful, passionate and fiercely independent. Such an immensely creative and fun loving little girl.
Tully: rolling everywhere, into everything. Your smiles melt my heart and make my soul sing. Poppy adores you and watching you discover the world and learn to play is filled with such wonder. You're nearly ready to crawl and turning 8 months old this week, how time has flown on by. 

~ Joining Jodi over at Che and Fidel for the 52/2013 project ~

How about becoming a member of the blog or over on Instagram @thepoppyfox. If you are interested in recipes + cooking we will linking up this week on Tuesday's in the kitchen for {The Kitchen Series} on this blog for those that want to participate. I want to build community and get a link up community happening. All you have to do is link up on my blog post your favourite recipe blogposts and we will be on our way. I'll have a link button to download, we will visit each blog during the week and there is an invitation for other bloggers to join us. Please share the love! Thank you to everyone that has left comments you really made my week!
x Mummafox

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