Wednesday, July 3, 2013

three / 52

We are halfway through the year and so much as happened with my tribe. There were three and then four with Little fox being born. The motherhood journey became more beautiful, astounding and complex as the seasons brought sun, a change of colours in nature and the bringing of wind and rain. As I try to comprehend just how fleeting it has been, I'm thankful that l have captured our story and family life here. Each day weaves into the next a vibrant and colourful tapestry of our shared story. As l watch Miss Three camping out on her bedroom floor with a pile of books with the sunshine peeking through half opened blinds she's simply amazing to watch. And Little fox, 6 months old and rolling in search of toys by the fire. Legs kicking out and little fingers clutching a toadstool rattle. I find comfort in the 52 portraits I have captured. It's helped when l have been fatigued with lack of sleep and during those days that have been relentless. These moments captured of our daily life remind me of how precious Tully and Poppy are. As I look at the photos captured so far-  there are favourites that embrace the magic of their childhood and growth, reveal their personalities and wisdom and capture my motherhood journey.
I've included my three favourites for Miss Three, Little fox and as siblings over the first half of the year. 


Three Favourites

:: Miss Three ::

-10/52: I love this smile, there is such passion and laughter in her. A joyfulness that never tires.

-16/52: Always exploring nature and playing outdoors. Being the butterfly at St. Andrew's.

22/52: The storyteller. Miss Three growing in her Independence and creativity. The narratives and drawings she creates are more complex and colourful. She's always busy creating patterns, story and landscapes with paper, oil pastel, figurines and toys.

:: Little fox ::

-1/52: 11 days old and so beautiful. The newness of my newborn son, Tully. Discovering and getting to know him.

- 08/52: Enjoying nude time on the Winter's nest quilt after a bath. Giggles, wriggles and lots of smiles. Such a happy little fox.

- 25/52: Such smiles, he lights up a room. The smiles always reach his eyes, such innocence, love and calmness within. His got an old soul and a big heart full of love.

:: Siblings ::

-11/52: The love and wonder of the early days of getting to know one another. Little fox growing in his awareness of the world and his body. Miss Three's gentle ways of lying with him and talking to him as he discovers home. The feather like kisses on his cheek and strokes of her fingers over his little head. I never realised how amazing it would be to see Miss Three falling in love with her little brother and visa versa. I am grateful.

13/52: My tribe at St. Andrews. This was such an incredible day. A morning of stark natural beauty with Native gums, kookaburra bird song, drumming, the chai tent, friends and my tribe.

-19/52: Exploring their own and each other's ten fingers and ten toes. Their spirit shines through. The love and humour they share. The curiosity they have in one another. These are my little ones.

x Mummafox
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