Saturday, July 27, 2013

Montessori at home- part 3

Over the past two months our daily rhythm at home has had a slower pace and our Montessori lessons have been plentiful. The rain has been steadily falling this morning and the mountains are hidden from view encouraging us to slow down and take time for creativity and play. There is evidence of winter all around us and much of our recent lessons have been nature based. The garden is growing and for some reason sunflowers are beginning to head, Miss Three is excited to see whether there will be flowers from the self sown seed. The gums are dancing and dropping their leaves which she gathers and adds to our felted installation on the coffee table. We also chose seasonal vegetables to sew in the garden and watched them grow. We have kale, spring onions, herbs, spinach, rocket, silver beet, beetroot, parsnips, heirloom carrots, garlic, celery, snow peas, peas, a potato bed and broad beans growing at the moment. Our cooking lessons once the vegetables grow will focus largely on seasonal produce and using raw ingredients including milling our own grain and sugars for recipes. As a mother l know how lucky I am to have a toddler that loves brussel sprouts, peas straight off the vine and will chose crackers and cheese over takeaway. We have a large collection of woven wool, baskets, shells, feathers, seed pods, autumn leaves and our flowering Hyacinths to inspire drawing and watercolour on paper. Encouraging independence, expression and creativity Miss Three has been practising the art of putting on socks, beanies and knitted cardi's. We have made bread, cakes, pancakes and soup. Practised setting the table, washing dishes, counting out ingredients. Began regular yoga practise, creative dance focusing on stretching and movement. Since implementing play based and Montessori practical life exercises our home routine is even more colourful. Always interested in creating stories, Miss three and I have been using different modalities to create our crafternoons. Large art pages to create a sea of colour have changed to more complex drawings. The process and time taken to colour pictures, draw objects and people. The use of words and having more definition to shapes and detail. The story created in her drawings and the narrative that is woven into our everyday activities. Using craft scissors, glue, different sized brushes, fingers and nature to inspire her craft projects. Lately stickers, coloured paper, soft pastels, ink, cutting and pasting have been popular along with watercolour painting.

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following patchworkcatcus for Montessori at home and will do a link up next month when we start Montessori at home for August.

Here's a bit of a photo log of our lessons over June and July {in no particular order}:

the first loaf that Miss three made
inspiration for physical movement
the beginning of our nature study in growing bulbs indoors 
painting self portraits

baking and telling stories of our Anzac's
imaginative play using steiner and nature themed toys 
tuesday's in the kitchen, baking cookies for her kinder teacher

bringing nature indoors
sensory play
finding rainbows and order in the everyday
watching flowering bulbs 
sewing seeds in the garden and using nature to inspire chalk art
practising putting on socks and shoes
weekly gardening time
introducing yoga practise, movement and stretching

an ongoing art piece using different art modalities (May-June)
the same art piece this month

practising writing and illustration

nature themed art a self portrait and peacock feather
a rainbow rocket flying through sky and space
introducing soft pastels and oil pastels 

we began a reading hour during the day
she really is a creative munchkin, clothes made by me found here

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