Monday, July 29, 2013

BITS + PIECES- Stills: a weekly collection

There's been nesting. Cuddling my little people. They have been sick with fevers and congestion. We have spent a lot of time on the couch reading books, snuggling, drawing and eating cookies we have baked. There's a mountain of washing from a week stuck indoors from two kids and one still toilet training - when will it end. Sheets and towels draped here and there. I'm always going on about it. Had to laugh when l read this. A drying rack lined with clothes pegged haphazardly by the fire resembling something from the Borg. Our clothes horse became a cubby and then a shop for Miss Three. It casts shadows on our television and looms over the floor where Little fox rolls around grabbing toys. We live in amongst it all. I dream of a bigger home.
This week there has been time spent with family and friends, a play date on friday at home, some sewing, a few Sunday pinnie's sold and birthday candles to blow out for a friend. Little fox got to meet some cousins and meet a beautiful dog called Walter which Miss Three would love to call her own.
I've started green smoothies this week {Poppy's not a fan}, ginger infused teas, and savouring that one coffee a day. After weeks of my tribe being sick I've come down with a sore throat. It was bound to happen but I'm hoping olive leaf extract will help aid a fast recovery and l have called in the big guns and asked for friends to pray for us and to be free of viruses that seem endless. I've been spending time with a book in hand and a cup of tea when I have a chance. Ads has been looking after me and the tribe and l am thankful to God for him. Getting up at dawn to cuddle a screaming Miss Three with a re-occurring ear infection and taking her to the doctors before the birds were up. Watching him climb and conquer Mount Washmore, shop for food and staples to get us through the week if again we a stuck indoors attempting wellness. He's a gem.
Daily yoga has begun, stretching, pointing those fingers and grounding those feet. Since my fall back in May movement has been sluggish. Breast feeding and carrying a baby takes its toll on my back. I brace myself as I get out of bed in the morning, stiff and in need of a good stretch. My beautiful dear friend who's a yoga teacher wrote a beginners plan to do with Tully and I've enjoyed reconnecting with the breath. Reaching out with my arms and lowering into a stretch. Twisting to loosen sore muscles, standing in a pose feeling my feet grounded and Little fox beaming up at me. It's been one of those simple pleasures this week and I'm not alone in wanting to return to daily yoga practise as found here. Apart from resting and attempting to get better from this throat infection tomorrow morning I'll roll out my mat and one for Miss Three and take some time to share yoga practise together with Little fox next to us. With God's grace this week we will return to wellness and begin to get back to being social again. Tomorrow it's going to be another day inside staying warm, trying to get better, making baby food, being creative in play, finding space to sit and be still, finish a pile of loop scarves and cut more pinnie's ready to sew for the Etsy shop.
What did you get up to this week? Praying you're all well.

bringing nature indoors for our Montessori classes

sunday reversible pinnie's made + sold, more found here
green smoothies to build the immune system

photoshoot with Miss 3

hours reading as the rain fell
the ultimate nana cookie, recipe coming on tuesday blogpost

morning rituals
rediscovering my yoga mat + my coffee after stretching

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