Sunday, July 14, 2013

BITS + PIECES- stills: a weekly collection

For much of the week we played, and told stories with our toys and belongings. 
We shared time and made memories with cousins as they played at home, at nana's, jumped on a castle of pillows, played, watched a movie and had crafternoons. Soft pastels and chalks were introduced for expressive drawing, working through emotions and feelings. The creation and story of a Rainbow rocket ship.
Miss Three has been busy watching the hyacinths flowering. Their fragrance comes across the warm air when you're on the couch. Hinting at long ago summer breezes, garden picnics and more colourful times. Our Montessori lessons have been about practical life skills this week returning to daily rituals of bathing, dressing and nurturing our bodies. We practised making soup, setting the table, dressing and cleaning up after ourselves. Being aware of our surroundings and cleaning up the chaos at the end of the day and returning the house to order. Embracing the everyday.
Then the little ones got sick. 
First Miss Three with an ear infection then Little Fox a day later with croup and tonsillitis. And now even Ads struck down with illness. Winter has rolled in and taken over our wellness. I'm still standing for now. It's got me a little down.
In the kitchen we returned to our root vegetables and fortifying warm broths, herbs from the garden, olive leaf extract, ginger and garlic to warm our immune system and kidneys. Cups of tea and having the fire on. Resting with wheat packs, book reading and keeping up with anti-biotics and panadol. 
We've stayed in the warmth and gone back to basics.
Even though my tribe is sick I've been grateful for little moments. Spontaneous cuddles and shared play times. Playing footsies with Little fox as he beams up at me with a temp and fever. Praying with Miss Three and singing lullabies to my two little ones before they sleep. Watching them finally fall into a restful sleep after a day of illness, coughs and sad dispositions.
Being able to take Miss Three to Ruby's 4th birthday party as the week came to an end was a treat. A couple of hours to enjoy good friends, homemade lemonade, the view of high gum trees, the beauty of a clear winters sunset and view of the city in the distance.
Sometimes motherhood is a hard slog this week is no exception but l know that it'll get better.
I've returned to the written word this week to shore me up as l feel depleted. 
Be still and know that l am God is the lesson for this week. I embrace it, trust and slow down. I'm praying that with a new week comes wellness, the chance to get out of the house and complete a list of unfinished things waiting for completion. 

What did you get up to this week?

Joining The Bettleshack for Weekly Collection Stills.

x Mummafox

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