Sunday, July 7, 2013

BITS + PIECES- stills: a weekly collection

Days in the warmth, resting and enjoying slower days. Views of the mountains veiled in mist and cloud. Winter covers our landscape in dark hues of green, blue and greys.
Much of this week has been spent cooking, reading, lying on beds and our quilts talking and in quiet play.
Focusing on the breath and slowing down. Stretching and making time for yoga.
We began Montessori life lessons again this week, studying nature, nurture and story. Miss Three has been observing our hyacinths growing. 
Spending afternoons sewing binding onto a client's quilt and wrapping Sunday pinnie's that have been sold. 
Enjoying quiet moments in our home. 
Reading Frankie, drinking a morning coffee or warm Chai. Taking a deep breath as Miss Three plays in her room and Little fox sleeps. 

Joining The bettle shack for Weekly Collection stills.

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