Sunday, June 2, 2013

Montessori at home- Part 2

We started to introduce Miss three to some at home, preschool lessons this year. I've previously discussed Montessori with Miss Three here. Joining patchworkcactus in May and now June was the inspiration l needed to keep up with daily lessons. The Montessori pre-school program consists of four parts: Practical Life, Sensory, Language and Mathematics which Miss Three is already very much attuned to in her social and play interactions. It's about being present, slowing down and focusing on creating opportunities to stimulate the senses (smell, sight, sound, touch and taste). Montessori is about providing experiences to discover their world, nurturing their curiosity, gaining Independence and learning to do things for themselves. When working as a social worker l researched several different approaches to early learning especially play based and creative therapy approaches. Using sand and tactile modalities as an emotive and educational tool was one of the first things l shared with my daughter. Along with the use of Expressive therapies based on multiple intelligences, I must say that she is loving the more structured Montessori method to her daily lessons.

This week we continued our Montessori through May lessons, here's the story so far-

Day 19- explore different textures. Using what we had in the home I set up a range of items that Miss Three could touch and handle exploring their texture. Soft, hard, fluffy, rough, smooth, bumpy, abrasive, and furry.
then we explored toys.... pulling out her softies we began exploring their fabrics and textiles used to make the toy and their clothing/detail noticing their different textures.

Day 18 + 20 Dress yourself and dance to music (with her dad)
getting dressed... Miss Three is growing up. I want to foster her need for self determinism and independence and I find by giving her several options it makes the mornings go a lot easier. It also helps to have a layered approach to clothes as generally everyone is happy she gets to wear colour and I make sure she's not running around in the nude. Miss Three has clothes laid out and handed to her. Each morning and through out the day we practise dressing ourselves, it started with toilet training now it's a ritual in itself, for the most part she's enjoying it. As a mum I find preparation is important and allowing enough time for completing the lesson.
Day 24- Get dirty. 
What better way than during a crafternoon. It was wet and the kids were sick. We stayed indoors and began exploring paint's the texture, shape and colours achieved through painting with fingers, hands, sponges and brushes.
Day 22- explore colours.
We sorted blocks into different colours, told stories and then built a castle using different types of building materials. Miss Three uses many colours in her play often creating a stage and landscape to her games and then expanding her play experiences using symbols and figurines to tell a story. She built the castles and told a story of a man and a woman destined to be married and join their two homes into one grand castle. A castle for people to visit and a space to grow a family.

Using clear plastic shapes we explored blending colours and what happens when colours are mixed. Later paints were used to mix primary colours together to make other colours and shades. Water colours are used a lot to paint and create a base to Miss Three's craft pieces.
Day 8- revisited "Walk the line". Miss Three often practises this when l am
 busy in the kitchen her co-ordination is improving over time along with her confidence.
Day 25- Fold a tea towel and then we practised writing after having a snack.
Day 27- talk about big and small. We explored small and big sponges, 
washing brushes as we washed the dishes. 
How cutlery, plates and containers were different sizes.
Day 26- Wash the dishes. 

Day 21- Slice a banana with a butter knife
Day 29- Hang out washing. Sorting socks, organising items of clothing and using pegs.
Day 18- dress yourself + Day 30- put on socks. Miss Three already puts on shoes and 
socks regularly so the lesson was to practise putting on winter tights. 
She did a fantastic job and needed little help.
Day 31- Sweep the floor. A lesson l hope becomes a regular practise.
Day 22 revisited- collecting leaves and exploring nature, her surroundings and colour


Yesterday after swim class we sat down to "button games". Using a collection of buttons from my sewing stash and a big muffin tray to sort by colour. Miss Three remained fascinated by the task by sorting the buttons by size and colour for an hour enjoying the process of putting order to the button collection. It's interesting how much Miss three's already picked up this month through her daily life lessons. While waiting for me to prepare a lesson today she practised the exercise "walking the line" using the lines on the kitchen floor tiles to practise her balance and posture. She's gaining confidence, a desire to learn and agility. There's always opportunities for learning.
Come join us over at Instagram as we do Montessori through June and the following months. Just use hashtag #pcmontessoriaday and throw a link over here + on Instagram so l can check you out. We'd love to hear from you.

x Mummafox

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