Saturday, May 25, 2013

My top 5- week 6

This week my goals were undefined. to open my eyes and be more aware of my opportunities for joy. There was cloud watching, inspired by yellows and bag envy, new salties and resting in bed attempting to get well. It was only a matter of time till I succumbed.

My sewing machine stopped working and went off to the doctors. I sat on the floor and played with Miss three. We counted blocks, talked colours and made a palace with hues of blue, neon yellows and an assortment of primary colours. We told tall stories of kings and their gold, pharaohs and their queens, the mummies and the grandness of pyramids. She's been learning about Egypt this week. Miss Three enacted the journey of treasure hunters with blocks and figurines. And I enjoyed weaving love and play into my time with my daughter. We got creative in the kitchen making crumble, baby food and baked. I've held and soothed my little ones sick with croup. We cleaned out naba's pa try and put it to rights. There's nothing like a organised kitchen. Ads helped by reorganising my cultery drawers and pantry and I just love the space now.  And I've been mindful to make time for me even as I've cared for my little one's while sick.

The sun shone, the rain stopped + I spent time getting grounded in the garden with Little fox. Lettuce, peppers, eggplants, garlic, celery, leeks  and beans growing. Seeds of climbing peas, snow peas and flowering sweet peas were sown in the newly dug soil and watered in.

There were moments for rest, play, for living and pondering the flow of family life. A trip to a farmers market as a tribe with Tracy, collecting Autumn leaves, running down hills, buying fresh produce, buying amazing fabric and coming home to homemade laksa and our couch. I'm going to focus on completing unfinished projects and to make time for me in the new week. Right now I'm concentrating on getting better as my head is so congested and my limbs sore. Mytop5 list for this week undefined but I'm going to practise self-awareness, patience and gratitude and see how I go. 
What are your Top 5 going to be?Even if you make a decision to attempt to carve out a moment and do one thing for yourself it will be a start. Follow me on Instagram during the week (, join in and use hashtag #sbtbmytop5.
x Mummafox

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