Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My top 5- week 5

I've been setting a goal to do five things for myself a week. This week makes five.  So whilst all five things havn't been achieved each and every week it is amazing what happens when you realise the splendour of taking time for yourself. It's getting easier to notice opportunities and take them without feeling mother guilt. So join me at poppyfoxathome and Leigh over at sixbythebay doing Mytop5.
Miss There's been a little unwell since yesterday so I'm practising mindfulness this week no specific goals but being open to being kind to myself in the little things. 

My Top 5 list for last week: 

1) to continue reading frankie mag-
I finished it and then wondered what next I'm now reading a Nora Roberts just for fun. I got breakfast and a good hour in bed just for me even if I did have to share my omelette with Miss three. 

2) to work on the photo shoot and ads for Poppyfox to help motivate me to complete it finally! 
The shops open and Thursday I'm adding more stock to the shop. So much still to do but feels great. 

3) garden, mulch, sew the snowpea + garden pea seeds and finish twine tee pees. I started, then it rained, Little fox kept waking and then it got to cold. Waiting for another opportunity. 
So I enjoyed my Samsung tablet and some blogging. 

4) watch the Hobbit while drinking a glass of wine it was worth the wait!

5) start a folder of recipes for my new thermomix (when it arrives) 
Adding recipes to a cooking app and enjoying my 'thermie'. So much still to try but it's been a real timesaver already.

What are your Top 5 going to be?
Even if you make a decision to just do one thing for you it'll do you a world of good. See how we go completing My top 5 this week + be inspired to do five things for yourself. Follow me on Instagram during the week (, 
join in and use hashtag #sbtbmytop5 and #Mytop5. 

x Mummafox

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