Saturday, May 25, 2013


Two little ones sick with croup 
Tears and little smiles through out the day. There have been trips to the doctors and chiropractor 
Time spent creating and cooking. 
A new baby born and a dear friend became a mother. 
Book owl, quilts, stories and indoor play 
We have been living the slow + simple life 
Weeding the veggie patch 
Harvesting herbs for meals 
Hot coffee, a book and tissue box 
Montessori lessons with colour, music and dance 
Comfort foods, new recipes and yummy smells coming from the kitchen. 
Resting on the couch with the fire on. 
Visiting kookaburra's and cockatoo's 
The sun shone on thursday and the garden overhauled 
Spiritual practise in being grounded in the earth. Honouring God's work. 
The digging + turning over of soil, mushroom compost poured in. 
Seeds and garlic seedlings replanted. 
Little fox staring at the cloudy blue sky, inspecting the garden from his blanket 
We might be unwell but my tribe are a blessing. There is so much love found in a simple cuddle, a little person's smile or this morning when Little fox rolled for the first time. Embracing those moments, the changing seasons, the overflow of shared stories + all that goes with it.
X Mummafox

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