Sunday, May 19, 2013


It's been a slower pace this week. Dress ups at mother's group, an afternoon play date with dear friends. Montessori lessons, indoor play and storytimes near the fire staying warm. Time spent playing with my little ones. The tribe have been unwell. The immersion of caring for two little ones, a huband sick with a tummy bug + keeping the house afloat has taken all my time.  Miss three has been waking teary with a cold and an early case of winter blues. Since last night little fox has been unsettled needing more feeding, comforting + holding for sleeps when tired. We think it's a cold and teething. We ventured to nana's for a few days of sewing only to find my machine in need of a service, my stitching needing to be unpicked and my quilting spray not working. I'm hoping to put my machine in the shop on Tuesday to get fixed. Later in the week we checked out four year old kinder, practiced floating and diving under at the water at swimming, baked bread and had a cooking class using our thermomix with Miss Three. Times where we stopped to rest, read and play. Little fox and l went to a belly blessing for my dear friend sophie in a beautiful pink tent. A ritual of celebrating womanhood and transition. A Celebration. As I sat nursing little fox l embraced the honor it is to enter motherhood. When l got pregnant and birthed my babies I knew I was fulfilling my destiny and dream. It's a beautiful realisation even with a sick tribe. No matter how tired l'm feeling right now, l'm lucky.
X Mummafox

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