Saturday, May 11, 2013


playtimes, painting, a belated cupcake and cuddles + a sleeping little fox

My pixie and Poppyfox creations

opening the shop, gardening and learnings

little fox tried avacardo, Miss Three learnt to butter bread

lego building + play, cooking with Nana and home happenings


Our week has come and gone, we kept it simple, enjoyed each other. We had a day in our pjs and spent time with our friends. The sunshine and warm winds saw us showing bare skin. Sandy limbs, saltwaters, smiles and sandcastles. Cloud watching with Miss Three while little fox slept. Taking the time to breathe and exhale. 
This weeks been such a joyful one. We collected Autumn leaves, made soup. Watching Gulliver's Travels resting on the couch. Things have been changing in our tribe. Starting mushies agrees with Little fox. His cheeks are filling out and his has these thighs now, so much more to cuddle and kiss. His on the move with Miss Three and thinks it's funny to hit his toys and kick them with his little feet. 
Miss Three learnt to write mum this week. Lots of ironing in preparation for quilting. Housework never ends. The poppyfoxathome Etsy shop opened. More items to put on in the next few days. Montessori lessons with Miss Three have been magical. New beginnings. My thermomix arrived and I'm blessed with fresh baked bread, stock, soup and cookies. Our tribe is happy and l couldn't ask for anything more.

I hope you have had an amazing, and happy week.
x Mummafox


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