Sunday, May 5, 2013


We have spent much of this week indoors. It's cold, gumboots and hoodies don't change the wind gusts and rain falling. The garden flourishes with the downpour + there is a romance to watching the rain while snuggled under quilts drinking hot tea. It's taken this week resting to start to feel my back returning to normal. I tire easily. The night feeds, Miss 3's emotional tsunami's take there toll when my patience is limited. I desire patience, quiet moments and laughter + family time filled with joy. Our rhythm has been off this week but we have tried to regain our equilibrium + joy.
There have been lots of cuddles on the couch and during floor play. It's been frustrating to rest when there is so much I feel needs to be done. It's a daily reminder to let go and listen to the needs of our tribe and embrace it.
Montessori lessons have been going really well with Miss 3 enthusiastic to learn new skills. She's poured her own drink, cleaned the table and tidied, helped set the table, gardened, practised folding socks + using pegs to hang washing.
Miss three busies herself with laying out floor blankets, toys and singing songs for her brother. He looks at her with such adoration and the smiles he has for her are amazingly beautiful.
Little fox continues to astound us with his cheerful noises, and his on the move. You turn away and look back and his moved 180• on his floor blanket. While I've sewed more of the quilt I've had little breaks to watch Miss 3 and nana feeding Little fox his first foods with pumpkin, mango, banana and sweet corn. His growing cheeks and thighs, more to kiss and cuddle. Almost four and a half months old + we think teething.
I took some time away from the nest to have coffee with my little one at a favourite haunt, buy bamboo tights for winter + visit some op shops. It was nice to get out and have a small dose of retail therapy.

What did you get up to this past week? Any adventures and magical moments? Or was it same, same but different.

Cuddles with little fox, fox with Spencer, at play
Making afternoon tea during her Montessori lesson + practicing spelling
It's happening slowly first photo shoot done

Home happenings,  catch ups with friends + chores  

little fox found his rattle + his voice

Cuddles, a moment for me, miss 3 setting the table

sewing @ poppyfox hq this week

home happenings + season colour
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