Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My top five

I'm joining Leigh over at sixbythebay in Mytop5 this week. I'm a bit behind with headcolds, little ones not wanting to sleep and such but this week I'm going to do five things for me. Leigh just happens to be married to Tim my old mate and surfing buddy back in the day and I began following her on Instagram via her husband and reading her blog. Being mums it's hard to take time for ourselves with my little fox only a week shy of four months I haven't had much if any free time since before he was born. Miss Three keeps me on my toes too, so I'm setting a goal to do five things for myself (simple things + achievable) that are important to me. As going out isn't an option as I'm demand feeding there things I can do with my kids around or when they get to bed.

My top 5 list

1) Sit and have a very large coffee before I tackle sewing my client's queen size quilt. To just sit and drink my coffee while it's still hot and enjoy it.

2) to organise Wifi for myself and get rid of my USB Internet service. It's time I get with the 4G times. Yes I know I blog and only have a usb dongle + laptop, ridiculous.

3) to buy the new Frankie magazine and read it or a good book.

4) to paint my toenails. You know be spontaneous.

5) to buy myself a birthday present before Saturday when I wake up another year older. Something special just for me.

So join me and Leigh over at sixbythebay (http://sixbythebay.blogspot.com.au/)

The result is a much happier, healthier YOU.

So, here are the rules.....from Leigh:
- You MUST try to the best of your ability, accomplish all 5 things on your list!
- If you are a fan of social media feel free to tweet me, fb me or instagram me of your indulgence and hashtag #sbtbmytop5.
- If any of these moments are captured, I would love you to share them with us in the following weeks post.
- By no means does anything need to be of grand scale. A quiet latte in a rocking cafe floats my boat completely... (you might see a pattern start forming with me...)

See how we go completing My top 5 this week + be inspired to do five things for yourself.

X Mummafox

(Today I sat and drank a very hot, strong coffee while watching Miss Three make her and I with play dough before starting to sew up a quilt. I sipped + drank remembering to savour it and finished it before sewing a stitch. Yey me!)

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