Monday, April 29, 2013

My Top 5: Week 3

Ok I'm managing four out of the five goals from My Top 5 list. My toenails are still unpainted but it will happen. Ads promised me it'll be tonight while drinking a cup of tea. We will see. So I began Mytop5 a couple of weeks ago with Leigh over at sixbythebay
Being mums it's hard to take time for ourselves. With my little fox four months old I haven't had much, if any free time since before he was born. As l blog this two handed he is resting on my arm asleep after waking up and being unsettled. I haven't even got the personal space to scratch at the moment if l needed to. 
Miss Three keeps me on my toes too, she thought it funny to bang on my keyboard as l write and have spent the last few minutes backspacing with one hand. The joy of toddler hood. So I'm setting a goal to do five things for myself a week. Simple things that are achievable and important to me. So join me at poppyfoxathome and Leigh over at sixbythebay doing Mytop5.

So, here are the rules.....from Leigh:
- You MUST try to the best of your ability, accomplish all 5 things on your list!
- If you are a fan of social media feel free to tweet me, fb me or instagram me of your indulgence and hashtag #sbtbmytop5.
- If any of these moments are captured, I would love you to share them with us in the following weeks post.
- By no means does anything need to be of grand scale.

My top 5 list from last week

1) organise a thermomix demonstration at my house, just so l can actually understand it.

It was interesting l had a fall getting out of the shower minutes before it started trying to get to Miss Three who was throwing the biggest tantrum. Could have been much worse and l am thankful it was just a sore back. l sat through the demo hoping the painkillers would help my hurt back. Remarkably, although l felt like l was dying it was a great demo and the food was a winner with Ads and Miss Three.
I decided to get one, we are paying it off. It's been on our wishlist for a while. I'm committed to organic + wholefoods and reducing the sugar and additives in our foods. Can't wait to make my own flour and then bread all with my thermie.

making risotto

2) read some of my favourite blogs with a pot of tea

I managed this three days out of the week. I had chai on the first day, a pot of chocolate chip chai the next day and on the third day l went a little crazy and had a pot of Melbourne Breakfast and cheese on crackers. A date with my bloglovin and T2 while Miss Three played and little fox slept. By the way you can follow me on bloglovin just click on the icon on the right of my blog or

Playdough monsters were great fun 
3) do yoga
I had a fall Friday morning and hurt my back. The plan was a yoga lesson with Miss Three followed by a visualisation and chai which didn't eventuate maybe in a week or two. Yoga is defiantly on hold until my back heals. Thankful for Anica and panadol.

4) garden
Gardening with Miss Three, starting to weave tee pees, weed the leek and celery seedling rows of weeds. Still so much to do. Fingers crossed this week I'll be well enough to continue.

such a great moment when we looked over our garden
 and realised we had company

5) watch a movie
I watched two Under the Tuscan sun and the Holiday. What can you do when your getting over a head cold and exhausted and then you do your back in. I confess that I put the kids through watching it too but you know l have seen Ice Age, Toy Story and Charlie and Lola enough that l think l deserve some me time. What can I say I love a chic flick. 
I cleaned before l rested l thought that qualified as
 deserved me time and two movies. Fairs, Fair.

This weeks list

1) finish reading my Frankie magazine

2) buy myself something kitsch to brighten my sewing day

3) spend some time catching up with a girlfriend

4) listen to music or reruns of Murder she wrote while I quilt (yep, l love the old shows)

5) weave my pea tepees, have a cuppa looking out at my garden and plant some more seeds.

What are your Top 5 going to be?

Even if you make a decision to just do one thing for you it'll do you a world of good. 

See how we go completing My top 5 this week + be inspired to do five things for yourself.
Follow me on Instagram during the week (, join in and use hashtag #sbtbmytop5.

x Mummafox

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