Monday, April 22, 2013

My top 5: Week 2

I began Mytop5 last week with Leigh over at sixbythebay
Leigh just happens to be married to Tim my old mate and surfing buddy back in the day and I began following her on Instagram via her husband and reading her blog. Being mums it's hard to take time for ourselves with my little fox only a week shy of four months I haven't had much if any free time since before he was born. Miss Three keeps me on my toes too, so I'm setting a goal to do five things for myself (simple things + achievable) that are important to me. So join me at poppyfoxathome and Leigh over at sixbythebay (

So, here are the rules.....from Leigh:
- You MUST try to the best of your ability, accomplish all 5 things on your list!
- If you are a fan of social media feel free to tweet me, fb me or instagram me of your indulgence and hashtag #sbtbmytop5.
- If any of these moments are captured, I would love you to share them with us in the following weeks post.
- By no means does anything need to be of grand scale.

My top 5 list from last week

I sat by the sewing machine, watching Miss Three and drank
+ savoured a coffee. I drank it all before sewing a stitch, oh it was so good.
I got wifi and i love it
i took time to play
I bought frankie, had a coffee and enjoyed a little reading before heading
back to Miss Three + little fox and the sewing machine
I was spontaneous I went to a thermie cooking class with only a few hours notice
I got something just for me before my birthday, another year older
+ forever changed
I spent my birthday in the chai tent with my tribe in nature
enjoying the slower pace, the sunshine and the space
Enjoying a birthday moment

My top 5 list for this week

1) organise a thermie demonstration at my house, just so l can actually understand it. 

2) read some of my favourite blogs with a pot of tea

3) do yoga

4) garden

5) watch a movie

See how we go completing My top 5 this week + be inspired to do five things for yourself.

Follow me on instagram during the week, join in and use hashtag #sbtbmytop5.

x Mummafox

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