Saturday, April 27, 2013


Playdough + selfie shots of creations by Miss 3
Miss 3's view of the ceiling, sibling play,
 it's amazing to watch the complexity of Miss 3's story
animal bath times, practising her writing and Mr sleepyhead
little fox's first rice cereal experience
baking session Zumbo's chocolate brownies were a winner
Cooking lesson with dad making pancakes, video games + chalk art
Thermie cooking at home, a Poppyfox pinnie + Miss 3 feeding little fox
learning to write, exploring our garden + Saturday morning swimming
Our week has been filled with bits + pieces. 
One day moving into another a woven story of my tribe, our adventures and tribulations. 
My little fox began eating rice cereal this week one week shy of four months old but he was ready. His eyes grew wide as he took his first mouthful and it's been nom, nom ever since. Miss Three has enjoyed feeding him to our great delight. We moved onto stewed apple, cinnamon and rice cereal + the smile Little fox gave us was priceless. It takes us back to the early days with Miss Three and how wondrous first food experiences were.
There have been three year old emotional tsunami's at home, the waves of joy, freedom, peace then sadness and defiance leading to destruction. We stayed on the couch trying to find our rhythm and rest. Those sad eyes, weary limbs and constant need for cuddles it's been nice to simply stop, breathe and take the time to cuddle on the couch and read books and tell stories. We've had cooking lessons, how to make Zumbo's chocolate brownies, cookies, soups and pancakes. A couple of play dates with mother's group at my place where we all stayed in our trackies, made coffee and I didn't leave the house. Oh it was heavily. Playgroup was a day of sunshine, cafe bought coffee, friends and pregnant bellies. There are lots of us with newbies, who are pregnant or running after little ones it must be the season. Such a strong sense of community, togetherness and understanding.
I've been doing Mytop5, catching up on washing and then I had a fall. Slipped on a wet floor after a shower and am resting with back pain. I'm on the couch restricted in my movement but it could have been worse. I'm grateful that l can still walk, hug my little ones, feed Tully and move around even if l walk like I'm in need of a walking frame.

What have you been up to this week? 
We'd love to hear from you.

x Mummafox

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