Sunday, April 21, 2013


There have been long days sewing with play inside and outdoors. A client's quilt to sew, working with fabric and texture, lots of cooking, visits to nana as the days get shorter and the weather cools. We wore uggies, gumboots and our woollies in an attempt to recover from headcolds. It's been a long two weeks with illness and the need to sleep and recover.

I took time to do Mytop5, went to a thermie cooking class + stopped and witnessed my tribe and their beautiful spirits. There have also been tantrums, challenges and sadness + they can be little monsters at times. Motherhood is such a colourful dance and the week immense in it's colourful hues. There have been moments where l have been teary with exhaustion. I feel like this week l need to gain some balance. To build calm in our lives- to enjoy when all is quiet. My body has craved rest and the little ones just havn't been themselves. So it's going to be a slower pace this week. A week to stay at home.

The winters nest quilt is on the bed, the little ones are now wearing their flannel pjs and sleeping under handmade quilts. I awoke to another birthday, sunshine coming through the window and a day at St. Andrew's market. Milky Chai, friends, Miss Three's playmates, my family, face painting, pony rides, wandering amongst stalls, organic veggies, handmade beanies and purple carrots. The sound of drumming as we walked to the pub for live music, hot chips and the little ones dance. 

We awoke on Sunday wanting to keep a slower pace. Our seeds are coming up in the garden, sunflowers seeds dropped from the rosellas have pushed through the soil once more. Green peppers, zucchinis and beans were harvest by little hands, our washing done and then we went to yum cha. Our week ends with the fire on, corn beef cooking on the stove, my little fox asleep in my arms and some tv while miss 3 quilts on the floor.

What did your week hold? We'd love to hear from you.
Thank you for those that have been reading and have left messages
it's meant so much to me.

x Mummafox

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