Friday, April 12, 2013


We have all been a bit under the weather this past week. My two little people have had head colds and now Me. Miss Three wakes grisly, wants to lie on the couch cuddling her rabbit Lucy, a sure sign something is up. We are all exhausted.

Amongst the endless list of chores, the baskets of washing waiting to fold, we took a few hours to spend with friends at a play centre on Monday. We brought home a fox + enjoyed the sunshine outdoors until the weather changed. I worked for much of the week finishing a baby quilt and starting a client's queen size quilt.

I feel great gratitude and thankfulness for my little ones. Even with them ill. My tribe fills my days with their humour, adventurous minds, chatter and playfulness. Tully doesn't stop talking, making sounds and saying hello. He is three months old fast approaching four. Poppy learnt how to write her name this week, she writes it in chalk, paint and pen. Drawing self portraits on paper and her mega sketch. She asks me to spell everything which she then repeats with great delight. Stringing words and letters together. Such a big girl. 
Telling stories and imagining a kingdom where dinosaurs teach and dragons are gatekeepers. A world created with her toys. In the sandpit as the sun was out with a tub of water to wash her toys.

Watching her sing the alphabet song and five little ducks while holding two dancing dinosaurs Tom and Oliver in front of her little brother. Tully beaming at his sister. taking time to play, chat and examine each other's toes. It's adorable and breathtaking how treasured those moments are.

What have you been up to? We'd love to hear from you. 
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Have a great weekend.

X Mummafox

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