Monday, April 1, 2013


This week has been full of simple pleasures. Watching the season change, the autumn light coming through the windows and the change in colours in the landscape. Ochre, marigold and ginger showing in the leaves. The return to wearing jeans and socks + turning the fire on for the first time in months. The joy in that morning coffee while Miss 3 devours warmed hot cross buns. I was a guest blogger this past week which was amazing.
I'm also mindful that this blog is turning one soon and I realise it's a place to thread words together and weave stories into the tapestry of my life and of my tribe. It's also symbolic of the creative process whether it be mothering, sewing or writing. It has been deeply rewarding being transparent in the storytelling of daily life.
I have such gratitude that Tully is healthy and happy at last and putting on good weight. Miss Three has been busy creating gifts and Easter treats for her friends and growing excited by the day that the Easter bunny was coming. Now to make sure chocolate is eaten sparingly + she remembers her fruit and veggies.
I began taking photos of my stock, creating ad boards. I'm awaiting Internet credits to use my computer to finish things. Contact icons appeared on my blog they look so good  (thanks Ads) and the Etsy shop ads are nearly ready (it's amusing trying to do them via phone Internet access) but l will get there in the end. I'm getting my first DIY bunting post finished and my first giveaway for Make.Do.Sew for this month. I'm finishing some PoppyFox orders and I'm about to begin a queen size quilt for a client next week. I'll be over at Nana's the next couple of days sewing and trying to find our daily rhythm. If you don't hear from me for a few days I'll be under a pile of fabric trying to finish sewing projects. My priority is to get my ads posted on Etsy, finish my orders and get back into the creative, sewing rhythm with my two little ones. 

What did the week hold for you? Did the Easter bunny come?
Have you been eating the chocolate eggs when the kids are asleep?? I have. Hope you have a great week everyone.

my tribe + enjoying a morning at St. Andrew's market
best friend in the chai tent
creative play
an adventure with tully
treasure hunting
taking a moment for myself and enjoying the
beauty around me

X mummafox
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