Friday, March 1, 2013

Farewell Summer + 2 months on

Australian summers are all about beach combing, swimming days, bare feet, picnics in the great outdoors, backyard play dates, hours in the sandpit building sand castles, enjoying the sunshine, rainy days and cloud watching. And we have done all of the above and more.
Some summers it's too cool but this summer even with the floods, bush fires and crazy weather throughout the country there have been hot days, perfect beachy weather + the odd days of rain like yesterday and it's been lovely. For much of January when Ads was home we ate alfresco enjoying BBQ's, quick pizzas' on the Weber, salads and summer pastas made from our harvests from the veggie patch. Clothing was optional for my little ones. Sunscreen rubbed on tiny limbs.
The sand was brushed off little toes after a day in the sandpit once the sun went down.

Summer was a season where our family story took on new adventures, I began to explore the theme of motherhood, pregnancy the second time round as my preggie belly grew. The interweaving of our little family of three and the magic in holding and growing a life. Sharing moments with Miss Three, Ads and loved ones when Tully kicked and we reached another pregnancy milestone.
There was an immense joy in having Miss Three learn she's going to be a big sister, watching her become a little girl, no longer a toddler. And then spending time as a family at the beach before birthing Tully.
The nights talking with Ads and dreaming of how our life and family would change. And that incredible moment when Tully came into the world and everything l thought l knew was turned on it's head. In seeing summer come and go it's been such a powerful and meaningful time in our lives.
With the increasing sunshine l learnt to enjoy and embrace the final days of my pregnancy, the joy of a smile and shared laugh.
It's been magical having a newborn in the house. The joy in putting Miss Three to bed, holding onto our little rituals of cooking, reading stories, crafternoons and play times amongst shared bath times, feeding, tummy time and nappy changes.
The beauty in witnessing Tully learning to smile and make sounds for the first time. Listening to Miss Three and Tully share baby talk and Miss Three telling him stories. The joy in holding him while he feeds and l memorise his features, his beauty + spirit.
Having him diagnosed with reflux so early on and him being often unsettled has been emotionally hard. Miss Three also struggled with reflux so l have revisited my shared story of the early months with her and face the uncertainty of what lays ahead. That conflict of being sleep deprived and yet having to get up at seven each morning to care for Miss Three but wanting to just go back to sleep. Having a little one who feeds well, is then unsettled and needs holding for periods of time. How incredibly upsetting it is that as a mother you can do little to change things, all you can do is sit while Miss Three plays, or sits with me as I hold and rock and soothe Tully, read her books as she turns the pages and we watch the hours pass. Sewing has had to be set aside for a time. There is a peace in knowing it's just going to take time. With age has come the wisdom to let things be when l am helpless to change it. You feel helpless and incapable at times, where mother guilt raises it's ugly head and you battle self-criticism with the truth. Days where things are achieved easily and other days where your lucky to get dressed and manage a cup of tea whilst juggling the busyness and creative mayhem that is my little family.
Along with the challenges there have been many treasured moments.
Watching Miss Three adore her little brother and having someone to teach and play with. The times she has fallen asleep in the car while holding Tully's little hand in an attempt to settle him and stop him crying. This morning was her first day in the kinder room at childcare my little girl is growing up. We gave her extra kisses and cuddles before we returned home. Tully turned nine weeks old, it was a day for milestones.
It has been a wonderful summer, I can't wait for what Autumn will bring.
What has summer meant to you?
I wonder what lessons will be learnt with the onset of Autumn and how it will bring change, peace and stillness to our tribe.

Happy Friday Everyone!

x Mummafox
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