Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Espresso Panna Cotta- Tuesday's in the Kitchen

Sometimes it's good to take out a treasured recipe book down from the shelf, open it's sacred pages and make something just for the grown ups. I have the habit of cooking for the tribe and not my dear husband who is often stuck with casseroles, stirfry's, pasta and snack sized food loaded with vegetables. I've got my favourite deserts that just make everything feel better. I've been a bit depressed this past week as nursing Tully has been a challenge, with him resisting feeds due to pain with reflux and not putting on weight so when we took the time to make something special for when the kids are asleep it was a real treat. My husband got into the kitchen made this little number and I was besotted. Panna cotta is one of those deserts that is a winner with everyone and you can add pretty much any flavour to it but Espresso panna cotta is just for the adults. It takes little time to make it but takes time to set.

4 leaves of gelatin
Almond oil or a neutral oil
50g Caster Sugar
2 cups of milk
1 shot of espresso
Moulds for the panna cotta

how to make
Make one shot of espresso and let it cool. 
Brush 6x150 moulds with oil to coat. 
Dissolve 50 grams of caster sugar in 2 cups of milk or buttermilk. You could also use one cup of milk with one cup of cream. 
Soak 4 leaves of gelatin in cold water for 5 minutes till soft. 
Squeeze gelatin leaves and drop into hot milk and swish to dissolve.
Add the shot of espresso and stir into mixture.
Let milk cool a little before pouring gently into moulds.
Dip mould into hot water for a few seconds, then turn out onto cold plates and serve immediately. Serves 4.

You can add a vanilla bean to the milk mixture when dissolving the sugar mixture. Or add chocolate instead of coffee for a good chocolate desert for the whole family. Whatever flavour you add it's meant to be savoured and enjoyed!

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Next week we will be having our first ever guest blogger Lou from Make, Do, Sew.
 It's going to be fantastic.
Have a productive day in the kitchen and may this Stephanie Alexander recipe become a favourite in your household like it is in mine.

x Mummafox
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