Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter - Monday Link Love

I love Easter and we have been have been enjoying Easter themed crafternoons at Poppyfox Hq for a couple of weeks. It's all about glitter, coloured paper, neon, paper and glitter glue. Craft, craft, craft. 
I held a newborn at mother's group this morning. Spencer was lovely, soft and new. Easter has always been a time of new beginnings when Christ died on the cross, new life is celebrated and easter egg hunts enjoyed for all it's chocolate goodness.  
The sewing machine has been out so I've been cutting fabric while Miss Three paints. 
This week we are going to paint eggs, make carrot wrapping paper and calico bunny rabbits ready for the easter egg hunt.
It's been a stressful few weeks trying to get Tully to feed, put on weight and get well. I'm hoping we are over the hump. This week there's Easter gingerbread to bake with the little ones and orders to sew. The Etsy shop opens this week, it's going to start off small and I'm going to announce my first giveaway to celebrate the blog turning 1 in April and the Poppyfox shop opening. 
Easter is a time of new beginnings and here at Poppyfox Hq that is certainly the case.

An easter bunny, using vegetables to make gift wrapping
+ cookies for those that love to sew
found here, here and here
egg art and sunshine bites
found here, here and here
tarts, bunny decorations + pink lemonade
found here and here
Playrooms, eggs and bright bunting
found here, here, here, here and here
art + crafty inspiration
found here, here and here

What are you planning on doing to celebrate Easter. 
Eggs to decorate, bunnies to cut out or special stories to be told? 
I'd love you to share what you're going to do to celebrate this special season.
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