Saturday, February 23, 2013

My week in Instagram- Home Happenings

We have stayed home and kept things simple for much of the week.
 I've been reminded of the need to simply stop and keep things simple. 
Sometimes it's all you can do.
A family member is in hospital + we have been visiting Nana a lot this past week and a half.
It's been important to just go with the flow. 
Support our family, care for the little ones, find time to be together as a little family of four.
We have enjoyed a play date or two, some afternoon yoga + harvesting.
 Visiting the chiropractor in the hope of helping Tully with his reflux. 
Starting to work on the heat effected garden. There's been family time, visits to our extended family, lots of cuddles, crafternoons and cooking sessions. 
I've gotten through the washing, dealt with the mayhem. Kept the two little ones happy for much of the week but I have only begun to set the sewing machine up so here's hoping the week ahead is a productive one. I'm desperate to sew again after having such a long break.
I realise one can only do so much but it's time to get sewing again.
I've been dreaming so let's see what the week holds for us all.

Enjoying sun-ripened, homegrown tomatoes,
 watermelon play dates and yoga
Imaginative play
Miss Three teaching Tully and
exploring her surroundings
Morning swim class and cuddles
Summer BBQ's outdoors + moments spent
admiring my little ones
Miss Three  + her salad experience and art

How did you spend your week? 

Did you have adventures, tell stories, dream big dreams or make little ones?
 I'd love to know. Join the blog, leave a comment, share a link or shoot me an 
email at

x Mummafox
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