Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday link love

This link love is about space, eclectic collections of prints, trinkets
and textiles that make a home.
I aspire to have a beautiful space that tells the story of our tribe. A home that brings peace to those that share the space and live there. I'm starting to collect prints to frame on a wall. It's taking time. I'm searching for a wooden day bed and a Eames teak unit for the bedroom but so far without success. The adventures of hunting and gathering.
Are there things you love to collect and dream of for your family nest?
Watching Miss Three and Tully beginning to share the space at home has reminded me of the importance to self- nurture, have my own space and create somewhere that Ads and I can be without them. My friend Lisa created a yoga routine for me to do on a Friday morning after l drop Miss Three at childcare. A time to stretch out, refocus and have Tully join me on the yoga mat.
I went and bought Country Style and Frankie magazine while shopping for food to inspire + provide some moments of escape from the mayhem of my little family. Tully's still struggling with reflux and there are good days and bad. He's putting on weight and l can see his little thighs taking shape. He's making noises and smiling at us + spending more time each day joining in and exploring his world from his crochet bouncer. Miss three continues to astound me with her boundless energy and creativity. At the moment there is very little downtime.
I've been sitting in our home wondering where l can carve out a space for ads and I. I think that will be the balcony when the kids are asleep or sitting out in the garden with a glass of wine. It's too hot to do that at the moment but come Autumn the nights will be cooler and a perfect time to take a moment for ourselves.

A wall of photos and the blend of textiles and linen.
Wood frames and a eclectic mix of artwork and prints.

Living spaces found
here and here
Bedrooms found
here and here
Wood, a blackboard and pastels adding comfort with simple furniture

Found here, here and here.
The beauty of wood and foliage.
Bringing nature inside
Seen here and here.
Book shelves, collections of trinkets that tell a story.
Wood, glass and those lovely chairs.

Shelves found here, here and here.
Chairs and home life seen
here and here.

How do you make space and time for yourself? 
I'd love to know. 
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Leave a comment, share a link and I'll endeavour to visit your blogs and have a wee peak.
Thank you to those that have been leaving comments, it makes my day.
Have a wonderful week everyone!
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