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DIY- Rainbow Giftbags, face paint + decorations

Today is the third part of the DIY Rainbow party series. Including a how to for face painting, gift bags, popcorn bags, pass the parcel and gift tags. So Enjoy!

I was lucky to have two wonderful friends offer to do face painting for the rainbow party. The theme of rainbows, fairies and tiaras all had a colourful and rainbow theme through out. They had their own supplies but it's easy to buy a rainbow palate of face paint and face glitter at any party supply shop, Spotlight or makeup shop these days. A wide sponge, mirror, good brush and a pack of wet ones is advisable. There are numerous ideas on Pinterest for face painting here or just take a look at the Rainbow party blog post here or my other playdate blogs for ideas found here, here and here.

From Kikki K I bought two strands of Kikki K cloud bunting ($7.95 a pack), two sheets of wrapping paper,  a mini rainbow notepad, a sticker book and wrote a To do list a couple of weeks before the party. I had a hole punch XL and small hole punch, yellow string, stapler, washi tape in dots for decoration and an Alphabet stamp set and ink pad from Typo. I used rainbow coloured card stock and a Kikki K Hello Sunshine sticker book ($19.95) for the main decorations for the gift bags and decorations. 

I went to my local art recycle centre and sourced paper, cardboard boxes, stickers, butchers paper, tissue paper and craft supplies to create the giftbags and presents with. A discount craft centre, Riot Art or Kmart would also have what you need.
On the day I went shopping I was able to get a small box of non-toxic 5 crayon packs in rainbow colours to use in the giftbags. I've made my own circle rainbow crayons for the shop but it was great to not have to use these for party favors. The crayons will be available at the Poppyfox online shop in the next two weeks and custom bulk orders can be arranged for parties.

For the giftbags I already had plastic giftbags in various sizes A5, A2 and smaller lolly bags  these can be purchased at stationary shops, cake decorating or craft supply shops in packs of 20 or 30. The ones I used were self sealing which saves a lot of time.

For the giftbags
Clear Plastic bags in various sizes A5 and smaller
Crayon packs or a coloured pen for each of the giftbags
Dot Washi tape
Rainbow Sweet and Sour lollies (I bought these at Kmart)
Animal cookies or Teddy bear cookies
Hello Sunshine notepad paper
Hello sunshine stickers
Mini Rainbow paper

How to
Using the plastic self adhesive bags place half a cup of cookies in a bag and secure with washi tape. 
Place lollies in another bag and stick down. 
Place a sticker from the Hello Sunshine Sticker book on the front of each 
of the cookie and lolly bags for decoration.
Divide up the Hello Sunshine pad of notepaper and place it in A5 clear bags at the back to create a background for the other goodies in the giftbag. 
Then place the lollies, crayons and biscuits in their little clear plastic bags
 in front of the paper. 
Wrap Washi tape around crayons and secure with sticker or you could alternatively use a set of coloured pencils, or a coloured pen for the giftbag. Fold over the top of the A5 clear bags and stick down.
 Using a stapler attach a mini rainbow from the Kikki K rainbow mini notepaper pad and secure with a staple on the top bag fold.
Take an alphabet stamp set and ink pad and stamp the child's name on the front. 
You could alternatively write the name of leave the rainbow blank.

Popcorn Bags
Clear plastic lolly bags
Circle gifttags
Yellow String
Hello Sunshine Stickers

Using clear lolly bags fill bags with air dried popcorn and twist the top. 
Using a glass of a XL hole punch (as used to make the Rainbow bunting) and colour card stock in rainbow colours cut out two circles per bag for gift tags. Make a hole through the top of each circle and attach with string to the popcorn bags.
Place 1-2 stickers on the gift tags for decoration.
Place in a basket for the table ready for the party.

Pass the parcel
2-3 newspapers
coloured tissue paper
gifts for the pass the parcel
Hello Sunshine Stickers
Sticky tape
Music to play for the actual game

Use coloured tissue paper and numerous gifts. 
Extra craft supplies, pens, sticker books, lolly pops and coloured journals were bought to use in the pass the parcel. 
Gifts were wrapped individually at the start in coloured tissue paper and stickers. This aided kids in knowing what was a present and what was just newspaper. 
The big present was wrapped in newspaper and then layers of newspaper added with presents spread through out. There was enough presents for each child who was attending the party in the Pass the parcel.
The front of the pass the parcel was then decorated with stickers and the words Pass the Parcel on the package using letter stickers in the Hello Sunshine Sticker Book.

Other Decorations
I used wooden rainbows on the table that are some of Miss Three's favourite toys. A plain tablecloth was used for the table. Ikea rainbow plastic cups and plates were stacked in cane baskets for the little ones to use, Ikea napkins in a bird design completed table service. Plastic cutlery, plates and cups in various blues and yellows added to the table for the adults to use. The options are endless.

I hope these DIY's have helped get your creativity flowing and the party hats on in planning the next party for our little ones. I found by having a central theme and making a list of what food, party games and gifts were needed it gave me a starting point in planning the rainbow party and then making and completing the To do List.

x Mummafox

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