Friday, February 8, 2013

A rainbow party DIY- Bunting

Welcome to the second installment in this week's Rainbow themed DIY's.
Weeks ago I was inspired by Kit + Nancy on Instagram when she posted a photo of rainbow bunting. I'd been thinking of doing a Rainbow themed party for Miss Two now Miss Three for a while. I had been collecting ideas on Piniterest for crafty inspiration but when Kikki K brought out their Hello Sunshine range I thought this might work. You could use any type of paper though to create paper bunting.

One thing was apparent I didn't want to use my vintage fabric bunting again but create my own paper rainbow themed decorations starting with rainbow bunting.
I wanted to use reclaimed + new materials for this party being mindful of the environment and be as thrifty as I could.
I began doing an inventory of my existing craft supplies. I had glue, stamp sets, ink, yellow and natural twine, a sewing machine, good cotton thread, an X-large hole punch, a small thread hole punch and plastic gift bags in several sizes which I'd used previously for the DIY Advent calendar.
Three weeks out I stopped off at a hardware store and picked up paint chip cards in a rainbow palate. It took a couple of visits to different stores to get all the colours I needed but they are free and are worth grabbing to create decorations.
I also bought two sheets of Kikki K Hello sunshine wrapping paper ($4.95 a sheet) for the bunting and wrapping the birthday present.

DIY Bunting

Step 1
Using a glass as a template draw a circle on each of the paint chip cards or use a Fiskcars X-large hole punch available at Spotlight for $30. Punch out circles and set aside. I decided on two longer strands of rainbow bunting than several small strands. You can cut extra circles for use as gift cards for later on.

Step 2
Using the wrapping paper I cut out the same amount of circles to cover the back of the paint chip cards. This makes the circles reversible and consistent in theme to the rest of the decorations.

Step 3
Using a craft glue, I used a glue that went on purple and dried clear to aid a even coverage of glue on each circle. Place glue on the back of the the paper and stick the two circles together. I made life easier by laying out my circles and alternating between the clouds and rainbow sides of the wrapping paper to make the bunting colorful and interesting.
Set circles aside once pasted to dry for 20-30 minutes.

Step 4
Decide whether you'll have rainbow colours on one side or mix and match. This is best achieved by using a flat surface and arranging them in order.

Step 5
Sew your bunting with cotton thread or use a small hole punch and simply thread these with twine to make bunting. For creating holes make two holes 1cm apart so threading circles is easy.
For my version. Thread machine with neutral coloured thread, allow for half a metre of thread at the start to attach to a hook or twine for positioning bunting later.

Step 6
Taking your first circle sew 1 cm from the top of the circle in a straight line across the circumference of the circle then allow for a 5-7 cm gap of thread and repeat with second circle. Keep going with sewing your circles in a line allowing for a space between each.

Step 7
Once you have completed your circles allow for half a metre of cotton thread at the end for tying. This will give you a string of sewn rainbow circle bunting.
Repeat sewing your chosen number of strings.

Step 8
Taking the two sides of the bunting use a piece of card or cardboard and wrap each end around the card making it secure. This will help you later string up your bunting.

Step 9
Fold paper bunting string flat and secure with a clip or in a plastic bag for safe keeping. You don't want the thread to get tangled.

Step 10
Keep a ball of kitchen or garden twine and scissors with you to give you more hanging string if needed when setting up your bunting.

Enjoy! Let me know how it goes. Leave a comment, share a link or send us photos at We'd love to hear from you.

x Mummafox

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