Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Home Sweet Home Style- Link Love

This week I've gone from having a baby bump to getting use to a new body. I'm still recuperating after birthing Tully but there is a joy to pulling out your old clothes and finding they fit. And there's nothing better than being home.
I've just ordered a pair of yellow salties for Miss Three and blue saltwater sandals for myself to wear with my new wrap skirt I'm making from a some Navy ginkgo tree fabric from Bird Textiles. With yellow neon bias edging and wood buttons if I can find some. If not I'll keep things plain. I've set a goal to finish making it by April. Before that on the To do list- I need to post my wares on the online shop, finish sewing an Amber tote for my niece, a pinnie for Miss Charlotte, create an oversized nappy bag/Charlie Sling for myself, finish painting, decorating + setting up Tully's bedroom and overhauling the backyard. Ads has January off but l am under no illusion that this month is going to be a holiday. Already we have faced sleepless nights with Tully struggling with wind and thinking night is day. The joy of parenthood.
This year is all about setting goals and being kind to myself while getting use to having two baby birds in our little family nest. My blogposts might be a bit adhoc for a few weeks while I adjust to broken sleep and all else toddler + newborn at home. Bare with me while I deal with all the crazy that comes with it.
While I've been spending half my day it seems getting use to breastfeeding I've revisited my pinterest fav's for inspiration + to share with you some of the things I love, want and am inspired to make. So Enjoy!

I'd love to add more yellow to my wardrobe. I was inspired here, here, and here
Beads that make a statement to my wardrobe found here.  Miss Three has been exploring the world of colour and it inspired me to think about changing my wardrobe by adding more  colour to my clothing choices. I saw so much denim and black during my pregnancy l want to brighten my wardrobe and celebrate being a mum of two.
Pretty dresses found here and here, and casual hairstyles here, here, here and here.
Bringing nature and the seasons inside using vases and reclaimed glasses and jars. Love the simplicity of daisies seen here and here. I've been enjoying the pink and apricot against white of my Oriental lilies and the bright yellow of the sunflowers in the veggie garden. I'm planning on collecting white picture frames for Tully's bedroom and using mixed media to fill the room with character, colour and story as seen here

Bunting that inspired Miss Three's Christmas present found here and here.
Crochet floor rugs for Poppy and Tully's bedrooms from up cycled materials once the weather turns cold. I just need to learn how to crochet on the round. And I'd like to do some embroidery hoops for the bedroom walls seen here, here, here, here and here.

Are you inspired to make something, I'd love to hear about it, send us a photo or link, comment below or become a member of the blog and fill us in on all your crafty pursuits. We'd love to hear from you.

x Mummafox
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