Friday, January 4, 2013

A little Christmas, New Year Story

All was quiet Christmas Eve after the sewing machine was turned off. Bunting, the dolls house was kitted out, quilts and a yellow pinnie sewn for Miss Three. The presents were wrapped, Santa had come and the reindeer's had eaten their food. Everyone was sleeping upstairs in their beds. A silent prelude to all that was to follow.
It was a very merry Christmas morning when Miss Three discovered the dolls house left by Santa and the rainbow dice, clothes and books from her parents + friends.
Pancakes were eaten, coffee made and Miss Three's toenails were painted while listening to Christmas carols by a very pregnant mum.
A simple Christmas lunch with Adam's family and a Boxing day backyard BBQ with mine here at our house.I hadn't planned on labour being my Christmas present but sometimes that's what happens.I was admitted on the Friday morning after spending the night at home getting our little family nest ready.
Tully came into the world on the 28th and we have all fallen in love with him. We have fondly started calling him the tullymister because he is already showing great personality.
We came home from hospital New Years Day and have enjoyed nesting and being a little family of four.
We have washed, ironed, started cleaning the house + begun a list of jobs to do over January while Ads is on leave. I took immense pleasure in reorganising the pantry shelves, bedrooms and kitchen. Miss Three has been a great helper with her little brother and it's adorable watching the kisses + cuddles being shared and the adoration pouring from Tully. It's such an incredible thing watching our family bond.
We've had a couple of appointments for Tully and our first trip to the shops which he slept through. This morning was Miss Three's first day back at childcare not a tear was shed, there were kisses for daddy and cuddles for Tully and promises that everyone would be there this afternoon to pick her up. I'm so proud of Miss Three, she's growing up to be an incredible little girl.
I'm enjoying not having a bump, waddling instead of walking, having to pee constantly or having kankles + swollen feet. This morning I put my red saltwaters on for the first time in more than six weeks and nearly cried no more big feet.
Sometimes it's the simple things that matter.
Like having a baby falling asleep while feeding, being able to lay him down in a Moses basket upstairs still sleeping.Taking time to make a real coffee, eat avocado on toast slowly and watch a movie in the quiet, with the air conditioner on + all alone. Bliss!

The discoveries of Christmas morning
Christmas day family lunch, in the sandpit
+ painting fingers and toes
Boxing day backyard family BBQ
The arrival of Tully into the world
Spending time with friends + special moments
Sibling fun + our little family nest

What did you get up to at Christmas and New Years?
Did Santa being you something wonderful?
What did l miss whilst l was having a baby?
Fill me in we'd love to hear from you

x Mummafox

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