Tuesday, December 31, 2013

BITS + PIECES: Stills- a weekly collection {summer}

1. A couple moment with my man over Christmas. 
2-3. Little Fox turned one.
4-7. Spending Tully's birthday at the beach.
8. Our New Year's Eve family photo. 
9-10. Playing in the water with dad, nap time. 
11. Ruby and Poppy in the water
12. Us girls celebrating our womanhood and friendship. 
13-16. Exploring, watching and spending time with my tribe and dear friends.
17. Our New Year crowd. 
18-19. The sun setting in time for a walk. A perfect last day of 2013. 

I'm joining em for the final of the years blogpost, Stills: a weekly collection. Happy New Year everyone. See you next year. 
X Mummafox 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

52/52: a portrait project

I just couldn't chose this week so I'm adding them both, because well I can. 

Tully/ you turned one yesterday. Such a big day for you. Eating watermelon independently, crawling everywhere and then you decide to start standing up in your cot. Well your parents are lowering it tomorrow young man so don't get any ideas. 

Poppy/ you fly high, trampolining with your friend, giddy with the need to try new things, explore and play. Your playful spirit is infectious. I especially loved the endless laughter as Tully tried to wash your hair. You kids crack me up. 

~ Joining Jodi over at Che and Fidel for the 52/2013 project ~ 
This is the last for the 52 series back in 2014 because its just such a lovely journey to take, capturing my tribe every week for the year.  Happy New Year everyone if I'm at the beach and not here. Have a great one! 
X Mummafox

Tully turns one.

A year ago you came into the world sleepy and content. Yesterday you turned one. Incredible when I look at you that twelve months have flown by. You're such a old soul, big eyes watching, taking everything in. You're smile always reaches your eyes. Your giggles are lovely and our lives are so much richer with you in our tribe. Happy Birthday Little Fox. You are loved. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

BITS + PIECES: Stills- a weekly collection {it's Christmas time}

1-6. The chai tent with friends and my tribe, a community market, horse riding at twilight and taking time to enjoy my kids. Practising mindfulness daily- I've been feeling the enormity of my mothering experience this week. 
7. A thifted find at the market, i loved the dull purple and happy pom poms. I'm slowly adding colour to my wardrobe.
8. The final of the Kitchen Series for this year {Syrian food part 2, recipe here and the series here}.
9.-13. Fascinated by colour and texture, by Ink and Spindle, new bedlinen, enjoying my Spider + Lily bag and new fabric for a quilt for Little Fox.
14. Holiday reading. Getting inspired to bake with Donna Hay and live simply with Down to Earth. 
15-16. Last Poppyfox order for the year. Bunting for a little girl for Christmas in honey hues of yellow, green, pink and purple. 
17. Sibling play/snack time. 
18-19. Stringing gingerbread garlands and our magical and imperfect tree. It's Christmas time. I'm truly thankful for my beautiful family, our friends and the year we have had.

I'm joining em for this week's Stills: a weekly collection, it's the final for the year. And it's been such a big year to think I was pregnant last Christmas my belly ripe and ready to birth a baby. Thank you to all who have followed the blog, my tribe and I this year. Wishing you all, where ever you are in the world a very Merry Christmas. Stay safe. And a happy, abundant new year, if I don't catch you before. 
X Mummafox 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

51/52: a portrait project

Tully/ exploring the light as it casts shadows on the floor of the chai tent.

Poppy/ ever seeking out new adventures. I love how magical you are here in this afternoon light.

I can't believe there is just one week to go. My little Tully will be one and Poppy four. Goodness what a year. ~ Joining Jodi over at Che and Fidel for the 52/2013 project ~

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ramak Bamzar Photography- totally floats our boat

I'm really fortunate to be surrounded by some pretty incredible and talented people. Friends that make me smile and fill my heart with gratitude. One of these people is Ramak from Ramak Bamzar Photography. We went to the St. Andrew's twilight market the other night to sit in the chai tent at dusk with a couple of friends and give Miss Four, a pony ride. Little fox enjoyed watching the light through the trees and people watching. My kids are full of personality and Ramak captured the kids and their little personalities perfectly. She continues to astound me by her talent and moreover, the kindness and warmth she extends to others including my tribe.  Simply put, she floats our boat, and we have been really lucky to be blessed with her friendship and some incredible photos of late {you can see more of her work here and here}. Ramak is a natural at looking behind the lens and knowing which moments to capture with her camera, better than I ever could. 
She's started up her own business Ramak Bamzar Photography {you can find her on Facebook and over on my sidebar}. She's doing a special deal for family and personal photo shoots until the end of January and she's really affordable too. Just shoot her an email or head on over to face book and book a photo shoot. There's a special package over the silly season so take a look. She's crazy good and the photos are ones I'll treasure for a long time.

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