Saturday, December 22, 2012

My week in Instagram

It's not long till Christmas and this week it's been a mission to get through the long list of final chores. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling like the days are just slipping by.
We had a Mother's group Christmas breakup, an impromptu playdate + dressups with Ruby, crafternoons, I did some Counselling sessions, spent time wrapping lots of pressies, writing out Christmas cards and doing some final Christmas shopping.
I did a Jungian sandtray to prepare for labouring Tully. I did one before having Poppy and it was a really special time reflecting that soon Tully will be in my arms and not in my womb. We had an appointment with my obstetrician, Miss Three spent time with her Nanna, I took a couple of hours to mulch the veggie garden and plant out a bed of purple carrots and dwarf butter bean seeds in the hope that the weeds are kept at bay till the end of January. The garden looks incredible and I enjoyed relaxing in my chair on Wednesday with the new Countrystyle + a glass of ice tea while Miss Three had a sleep.
I've been busy cutting vintage fabric for two baby quilt orders which I finished this morning. They were pink, cornflower blue and lavender vintage floral with a hint of Japanese fabric with a girl and her pony thrown into the mix.
Today I'm busy creating Miss Three's bunting for her room with matching bunting for her dolls house and dolls quilt ready. I'm still hoping to get two pinnies sewn for Christmas day but it's the last on the list after washing, vacuuming and putting things away. We even took the time today to clean the car, fit a toddler booster seat for Miss Three and get the babyseat set up for Tully. You forget how small they are as newborns. The car's never looked so good.

What did you get up to?

X Mummafox
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