Friday, December 7, 2012

My week in Instagram

It's been another busy week but easier with days spent at home. 
Ads has been sick in bed with a tummy bug the past four days so we have kept a low profile. He hasn't resurfaced from bed yet and I've been playing nurse. I'm hoping come Sunday he's back to normal for the Rainbow party. Things are pretty organized just hoping the rain doesn't fall for Miss Two's Third Birthday Party.
Miss Two has been victorious with toilet training with minimal accidents and lots of stickers on her calendar this week. I can't get over how big she's getting and how much love l feel for the little munchkin.
We've had a couple of play dates, daily crafternoon sessions as Miss Two has enjoyed opening her Advent calendar and putting the craft pressies to use.
I've got a baby quilt order along with Christmas presents to start making today but decided on some shopping r and r last night night.
I visited Magnolia Square market opening night enjoyed some bubbles, checking out the 80+ stalls and grabbing some birthday/Christmas twine, washi tape and little goodies for Miss Two and the family. My favorite picks from the market were:

Jack and Jill
Miss Two just loves the toothpaste. I picked up a new toothbrush and a tube of Blackcurrant toothpaste for her to open for her birthday.

Myrtle and moss

Red wagon

Sweet William
I have two favourite prints that l am thinking about getting to adorn Tully's nursery in the New Year

Their new range of necklaces are amazing

Sirensswimwear 50's vintage inspired swimwear

I then stopped in St.Kilda for a Yellow tofu and mushroom curry at Balas and came across the St.Kilda night market in full swing. Bought a pinnie, some jewelry and trinkets to adorn presents, bought a baby rattle shaker from the African Drumming Circle for Miss Two to give to Tully when he is born + made the long trek back to pick up Miss Two at Nana's.
I was exhausted but glad that l snuck a few hours in to visit some favourite places and get some much needed final Christmas shopping done.

Today I finished my last boxing class at 37 weeks pregnant after realising how tired l was. I love the energy of the class and hitting that bag as hard and fast as l can but I'm done, at least for a little while. I took Ads to the doctors, stopped by the recycle arts resource centre to find boxes, card and materials for wrapping, gifts and general crafty mayhem at Poppyfox HQ most of it was neon to my delight and I picked up little packs of non toxic crayons for the gift bags as part of my thirfting membership.
Today and tomorrow I've got two baby quilts to cut and start sewing in vintage florals and kitsch japanese pastels, giftbags + a crafty pass the parcel for the party to put together, a house to finish cleaning, five pinnies to sew, and a little pressie for Miss Two to open on her Rainbow Party Day on Sunday morning. Her big present will be waiting for her actual birthday on the 15th of December.
I'm praying it doesn't rain Sunday morning, that Ads is on his feet and that the party comes together at the park. But you know it's out of my control and l can only keep on going in the hope of getting to my final destination. I'll keep you all posted.

Hope you have a happy, happy Friday everyone!
What are your plans?

x Mummafox
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