Monday, December 17, 2012

My week in Instagram- Our beachside adventure

What a great adventure our little family has been on this week.
After the rainbow party last Sunday we managed to clean the house, put things back in order, do the washing and pack the car for our three day mid-week adventure.
We had a full tank of petrol and a destination for our little getaway. 
Miss Three fell asleep in the car as we headed to Merrick's Beach. The sun was shining, there were days of hot whether and a beach just a minutes walk away waiting for us.
We took Poppy Strawberry picking for the first time, where sun ripened strawberries were devoured and enjoyed. We went op shopping + out for baby chino's and enjoyed the rolling hills and green vineyards stretching out to the blue sea.
We explored Flinders, went beach combing, ate a wonderful lunch at Tucks Ridge where we were married + shopped for olives for dinner.
We shared in crafternoons painting gum leaves, sticks and paper under the shade of a gum tree after long swims and walks on the beach.
 Our little beach side shack had a trampoline, a local rabbit that Poppy loved to watch eating grass at dusk. A family of magpies to entertain us + a tyre swing out the front.
And when Miss Three did sleep l caught up on some reading, talking with Ads and enjoyed a glass of wine in the sunshine. 
It was a chance to spend time as a family, live life simply for a few days + contemplate what life is going to be like once Tully comes into the world. 
It won't be long till our little family of three becomes four. 
For a moment we treasured our togetherness, laughed and enjoyed just being us three.
 It was a beautiful few days away and something l will treasure for a long time.

What did you get up to?

x Mummafox
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