Monday, December 3, 2012

Home inspiration- Monday Link love

I've been resting for much of last week both Miss Two and I were exhausted and in need of downtime. We didn't have sewing days at Nana's or big plans. I caught up on some blog reading, pulled some weeds and did a little gardening, tried a recipe or two with Ads on our new Weber Q, homemade pizzas have never tasted so good and generally took things as they came. We are still toilet training so our timetable is largely dictated by reminding Miss Two to go. Creating little rituals for toilet time. Whether it be sitting with her and reading her favourite books or making up stories, rewarding her victories which are many and battling the piles of washing. She loves to run around the house in her new hot pink elephant and babushka doll undies declaring she's a big girl. They grow up so fast. I can't believe on the 15th my Miss Two will be 3.

Today's Link love I hope will bring some home inspiration to you all. With touches of yellow, green foliage on white it just oozes relaxation and comfort. The blend of old and new, wood and touches of colour to add personality to the home environment. It's a look that l very much want to adopt in my little family nest. 
White walls, framed pictures and art work found here, here, here and here.
Comfortable colourful cushions, greenery inside and out, contemporary quilts and over sized pillows on the beds to give comfort, seen here, here, here and here
Wood/teak furniture and inbuilt shelving with cane as a feature in each room here and here. I also love the idea of a set of wood grain kitchen chairs and furniture with simplicity, functionality and design as a focus found here,  here and here. I'd also love to indulge in a Polaroid camera found here to capture those special moments. I'm learning everything takes time and it's pointless to rush as things never go according to plan. There is something to be said for letting go and enjoying the mystery + adventure. 

Our great home improvement plans before Tully is due in the New Year have slowed somewhat.  His been stressed and overloaded at work and I'm struggling with swollen feet and a lack of motivation at 35 weeks pregnant. Ads weeded the backyard over the weekend + I started organising lists for hospital bags and cleaning up things downstairs. I've been on a crafty mission this week to get bunting for Miss Two's birthday completed, the Advent calender up found here and to design the birthday gift bags for Sunday. The rainbow theme runs throughout the foodie menu, the decorations and also the gifts. I'm really glad we own several wooden rainbows and have friends willing to bake the rainbow cake (thanks Sim) who have rainbow flags and face painting talents (thanks Lisa) to make the party a success. I just hope it doesn't rain come Saturday night or Sunday so it'll be a perfect day for a party in the park. 

On the home improvement front l hope that l can rip up the dead Nasturtiums, the parsley going to seed and prune the tomatoes and stake them tomorrow before the green rubbish bins go out. I want to redo an area of the veggie patch and plant beans or a fast harvesting vegetable along the brick wall. I need to mulch, mulch, mulch. Part of me knows l don't have much longer til I get to big and uncomfortable to work in the garden. It's hard to keep things thriving in the summer heat so l have to get things done quickly to ensure the garden doesn't fall apart when l go into hospital for a few days when l go into labour. Then there is the vacuuming to do again, the loads of washing to hang out on the line and  the floors to wash before the weeks kicks into full swing. I want to have my hospital bag packed or at least started by Wednesday night along with a bag for Tully. Time is getting away from me and l have to keep tackling the long To do list. 

But it's nice to take a few moments to stop, be inspired and dream of what could be possible. Oh the things that could be.
What have you been dreaming about?

x Mummafox
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