Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reflections about Photography- #Blog school Homework Week 3

Taking photos has always felt like a symbolic marking of adventures past, taken and shared. It helps tell a story, a narrative of our lives, feelings and experiences + evokes passion, desire, inspiration and emotion when you come across an image that transcends the written word. Over the years l have found a love for taking photos. I believe life is a pilgrimage and although l don't want to be a mere tourist taking happy snaps sometimes taking a photo helps me cement an experience for longevity + helps me find and hold gratitude in my heart when motherhood isn't wonderful and I'm not having a positive day. I defiantly have moments when Miss Two is being "TWO" where l have to stop make a pot of tea, take a deep breath and tap in. I sometimes look through my photos and remind myself that it's all worth it. That she is beautiful, a treasure and that my life is wonderful even if it's a complex, interwoven tapestry with shades of darkness and light. There are dark sides to my soul and some of my photography captures this but mostly it is those moments I capture that resonate joy, love and magic that l hold dear and precious. It's been important to share my life with others rather than taking it for granted, photography provides a vehicle for storytelling and it's a colourful thread in my daily life that it's become somewhat of a ritual to capture it daily with a photo or two.

Week 3's homework for blog school was to think about people that have inspired you through their photography and it gave me lots of food for thought. I've often been inspired by my friends photographs that are unplanned, natural and quirky a bit like my friends + I. Instagram has been a way of sharing our daily rituals and lives in a new way that l don't think l have tapped into before.
While l was backpacking through New Zealand in 2000, in my early twenties l was fortunate to see an photographic/art exhibition Viva la Vida- of the life of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera at the Wellington Gallery. More than any other exhibition I'd seen, these images expressed Kahlo’s unique conception of the physical world revealing how she saw her environment as both a projection of her own spirit and as a mythical tableau for enacting the dramas of human life by interweaving her storytelling through paint and photography. I spent hours pouring over their paintings, enjoying the complexity of the narrative Frida Kahlo painted on canvas of her life's journey. I witnessed the beauty of a relationship shared with the public through two art forms and sat amongst the tapestry of their union knowing that l wanted to live a similar life, a colourful life an un-ordinary life. It was real, raw and colourful and it changed my view on how to look at one's life.

Their was humour + a rawness to their portrayal of their creativity and story in their photos, paintings + the black and white portraits of one another and yet the colour of their lives shone through + it made me want to do the same with my photography. I sat on the grey sand of Raglan after a surf and took photos of my new found friends, captured grassy fields and farm houses off the beaten track and enjoyed the immense beauty in pine forests, limestone cliffs + sandy beaches through the Bay of Islands as l travelled around in a old van with a bunch of backpackers. I came home and it stayed with me.
Steve McCurry's work in Portraits + capturing that unguarded moment when the experience and story/life of a person is etched on the person's face inspired me to look at people + their stories and become a storyteller myself. I used his bound photographic book as a journal for a year and travelled when l could. I wrote poetry, looked deep into my soul, sorted out who l was and where l had come from, and through the lens captured the simplicity and complexity of life when it spurred me on, made an impact or spoke to me.
I follow this principle today and everyday and it's part of my daily meditative practise. I tell stories through my photography, through sharing my world with other and here on this blog, it's who l am.
I'm just starting to explore Australian and local photographers like my mate Tris at Morealtitude, hellokateberry, You&Me. I love following kitandnancy, stargazer7468, naughtyshorts, textilegirl, kiitoslivingbydesign, maggieandsparrow, mummalu, natashabeaumontphotography + a bunch of friends on Instagram too. As part of my blog school homework and enjoying revisiting my roots, challenging myself to think before l shoot and taking a moment to catch my breath, think and shoot
+ I'll share what l find here too.
I'd love to hear about who your favourite local and international photographers are. Become a member of the blog or just leave a comment,
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We'd love to hear from you.

X Mummafox
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