Sunday, November 4, 2012

Design + Colour + texture - Monday Link Love

Design, colour and texture are three things that l look for when furnishing our little family nest. It's what makes me stop by a shop window and go in. I've become committed to buying handmade and searching out vintage loveliness when l come across it to adorn our home. The nursery makeover was inspired by handmade and vintage goods and Miss Two's room is a treasure trove of all things natural, quirky and handmade. I've been known to stop the car after seeing something just to go check it out or take a photo of it for inspiration. I'm thrifty and enjoy adventures to the op shop but I'm noticing that it's harder to find good vintage wares, textiles or kitchen goods. I've been searching for a old children's bedroom cupboard to reclaim and fix up but can l find out anywhere NO! and forget finding a old wooden or danish inspired daybed unless l want to spend bucket loads of money which l don't own. But I'm hopeful that one day l will see it and it'll be mine, all mine.

Vintage, design, colour + texture captivates me, it tells a story, inspires me to get creative and feeds the imagination. It adds to the tapestry of our family life and beings joy and colour into our family nest.
I'm happy that Miss Two has a love of fabric, pattern and colour already and critiques my sewing creations for their individuality and uniqueness. I often find her at my feet quilting the floor with my fabric pieces and creating what will become in the future lovely sewn quilts and crafty projects of her own. I remember sitting at my mother's feet as she sewed most days and it's a beautiful sharing between mother and daughter, a ritual, a right of passage, part of a generational story that I'm glad to have passed onto Poppy. She's also becoming an avid op-shopper at the ripe old age of two and a half. I'm so proud!

Today's Link love captures things that have inspired me, made me fall in love and envy + made me stop to take a second glance. I hope it inspires you too and makes you want to create a nest or create full stop because that's what it's all about.

All that drool worthy colour, texture and design to dream of-
Blue chairs to adorn my kitchen table found here
Antique mirrors + maps here, for our little people's rooms here and here as a feature in the home, I'd love some for my wall to hang over the fire place found here, here, here and in a little person's room here.
Colourful textiles here, here, + here, crochet here, prints here, vintage reclaimed furniture here, here and here
Wallpaper featuring design and colourful lovliness mountains here, woodland creatures here, horses here, here and here.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend if you got one. I'm off to a wedding this afternoon along with the Nature wedding quilt. Looking forward to dressing up, putting on my dancing shoes although not sure how much dancing l will be doing and having a party.

x Mummafox
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