Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas DIY- Monday Link Love

It's fast approaching Christmas and although l have decided this year to keep things extremely simple I can't help but dream. I'm passionate about making a nest that reflects who lives there. I desire a handmade Christmas. Miss Two loves painting and craft and our Christmas wrapping will be a mix of reclaimed paper, fabric scraps, twine and watercolours made by my little person and I. Around this time of year I try to make enough Zucchini pickle for gifts along with hand strung garlic. We invite friends to share in drinks, nibbles and end of year cheer. Our little family nest is usually decorated in handmade Advent bunting and little Christmas touches that bring a feeling of joy and Christmas cheer. I long to have a house with a lounge that's big enough for a big Pine tree decorated with handmade crochet decorations, little sewn birds, sequined tree ornaments and fairy lights. Perhaps one day it will be a reality but in our little nest we don't have a lot of room so whatever decorations are put up need to hang from the walls or sit on the small tables we have around the home. I'm dreaming of a pine tree branch hanging Advent stars for Miss Two over the gas fireplace. Perhaps a Christmas string of lights adorned with fabric ties over the kitchen table seen here in simple hues of red, grey, green and white. And a wreath in Ivy, gum nuts and berries for the front door. Although l love the idea of a felt ball wreath or a felt garland in rainbow colours to welcome people to our home over the Christmas season, or this Christmas Tree  here with a paper garland wrapped around it found here. When l will get a chance to do this, I do not know perhaps after Miss Two's rainbow party has come and gone on the 9th. We are still hoping for a week's getaway to the beach as a family of 3 before we become a family of 4 and Christmas is upon us but time is running out. It's down on the calender + on the to do list so time will tell if it happens or not.

Have you started thinking about what you are going to do for Christmas?
I will be close to going into labour so l am not committing to anything other than a casual Christmas lunch at my mother-in-laws and a BBQ Boxing day with my side of the family. Both are close to home and not far from the hospital in case Tully decides not to wait till the New Year to be born. I already feel heavily pregnant at nearly 34 weeks so I'm being mindful to not over commit come Christmas and to listen to what our little family needs.

I'm planning to do some DIY Christmas decorating of our little nest.
Take a look at the amazing DIY blog posts on creating a DIY Christmas here, here and here, that feel like 101 ways to DIY Christmas gift-giving, it's truly inspiring.
Whether it be Paper Stars for an Advent calender here and here, crafty bunting here, here and here, or a colourful wreath. Christmas craft activities for our little people to bring in the Christmas season herehere and here, themed ornaments for the tree seen hereherehere, here and here, hand stamped gift wrapping here, stamped fabric for gifts, pillows or linen napkins here or homemade baked goods here and here for that personal touch.
 I thought today's Link love should get you all in the mood to celebrate the Christmas season, start you thinking about what to do to adorn your family nest and hopefully inspire you to get your hands dirty and get crafting.

It's the season to be jolly after all.
What are your plans for Christmas?
Comment below and let us know or email us at
Are there traditions and Christmas rituals you keep year after year?
Mine is to treasure family and gift giving that's homemade, personal and given with love.

x Mummafox
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