Monday, October 15, 2012

Vintage + handmade - Monday's Link Love

There is something special about unique handmade toys and wares that speak of personality, vibrancy and story. Bedrooms here, herehere + here and home spaces here that are organic, fun, a little quirky, and ruled by comfort and personal design.
 I have been enjoying diving into my Pinterest boards whilst I've been getting over what seems like weeks of illness + I've being inspired by other people's craftiness + dreaming of all the loveliness that could adorn my home. Thinking of all the many things l could make given time and the joy of finding that perfect vintage piece that opens up a room and provides comfort in our little family nest.
My mission to find a vintage or wicker daybed for the balcony for summer has not yet bared fruit but I'm hopeful that maybe I'll find a Eames Danish daybed like this one, and a sewing desk in natural woodgrain that would be perfect for the nursery for storage. A vintage single bed or a DIY pallet bed would be a great addition to the balcony perfect for afternoon cuddles in the sunshine, breastfeeding my little boy in the new year while our little family rests and having a moment of peace in the craziness that happens within the confines of our home. If you know of a great daybed let me know here, here or here.
We had a weekend off from housework and took some time to enjoy the sunshine yesterday. The long list of things to do feels very much like an elephant in the room no one wants to mention and yet it's always there when you look around. I'm sure given time we will get there.
The Study is still filled with belongings we have gathered over the last ten years that need to be reorganised onto bookshelves in the room and downstairs, and other things destined for storage, the op shop + garage sale. All our recipe books are coming downstairs to live close to the kitchen and provide inspiration for new recipes, inspiration and summer family menu's. And whilst it is taking time to cleanse the study of clutter I've been planning the makeover of the study come nursery. I'm going to Monday Link love the Wishlist next week.
I love the softies by Sleepyking seen here and here, that help you step back in time + get back in touch with your inner child. They remind me of colouring pages l poured over as a little girl. They are on my wishlist for Miss Two's room and for the nursery makeover.
I have been looking at artwork ideas for the walls here and here, inspiration for pillows for the couch + for old school, vintage blackboards for the family nest to feature on a wall in the home but have not found any yet. It seems harder to find vintage these days without a massive price tag attached.
It'll be great when we get to the chance to furnish our little family nest with a little loveliness. 

If you've found inspiration, notable Pinterest envy, art or anything crafty that's made you dream of what could be, please become a member of the blog to be notified of new blog posts. Leave a comment here, attach a link or email me at and let me know the link + where to find it and I'll share with you all. Would love to hear from you.

I'm bound for mum's with Miss Two for the next few days as Nanna can help occupy Miss Two while l get into a sewing frenzy. 
Along with my sewing machine, a basket full of toys and clothes for Miss Two, my fabric stash, rotary cutter, some unfinished pressies for some special little people and a plan for a wedding quilt, I'm going to have a crafty week.
Check us out on facebookPinterest + Instragram (thepoppyfox) as I'll be taking photos as l go. It's been a while since the sewing machine has come out and l just can't wait. 

Have a lovely Monday everyone.

X Mummafox

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