Saturday, October 27, 2012

My happy, happy Friday

Miss Two went off to childcare with Lucy her rabbit + I began my crafty Friday with a visit to my local op shop where l picked up the indie fabric, visited the library and was inspired by nature. Stopped by my local organic shop for coffee, enjoyed reading my Frankie magazine in the brief glimmer of sunshine. Tully kicked the whole time, I'm 30 weeks pregnant + sporting a very obvious baby bump now. Stopped off at the fabric shop for red fabric to finish the binding for the Nature wedding quilt + gathered my fabrics ready for sewing.

Decided on a quick makeover of my sewing machine to inspire me using washi tape, I made two garden inspired Reversible pinnies + monster rainbow crayons destined for the Etsy shop. I'm nearly ready to launch the online Etsy shop at the end of November before Tully comes into the world in the new year. I thought l would celebrate launching the shop at my baby shower and I've come up with a kitsch vintage moustache and bunting for the event to bring in two wonderful adventures/ achievements in my life.

And then l got ready for a night out that l have been waiting five months for. To hear Clare Bowditch live at the Regal Ballroom in Northcote with my besties. She was magnificent, inspiring, passionate and l'm just a little in love with her. Both my children's first gig's were listening to Clare Bowditch whilst in the womb, I'm going to have fun telling them that of course. Her live performances are an incredibly personal experience for me + she even signed her album to me celebrating us, she's just lovely. Her new album The Winter I Chose Happiness can be found here, you can watch her on next season of Offspring and take a look at the support act from last night- The Royal jelly dixieland band here.

I hope you have a great weekend everyone!

x Mummafox
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