Monday, September 17, 2012

Typography, Olive + Teal

I hope everyone got the chance to enjoy the sunshine this past weekend. You know it's Spring when the birds wake at 5:30am + blossoms and buds adorn the trees.
I've been sick with a tummy bug since Sunday morning + have spent my time sleeping, trying to keep up with a toddler, blog reading and dreaming of all the lovely things I want for the new nursery. Miss Two came down with the bug after dinner on Saturday + we were woken at 4am in morning to her being sick in bed and crying out that she needed mummy and daddy. l am so proud that she could communicate her needs, tell us where it hurt and let us help her it's a lot easier looking after a sick munchkin when they can talk.
I applaud my hubby for the wonderful doctor and house elf he made over the weekend. He not only cleaned the kitchen, kept the place from going under and managed to get the walls plastered and ready for the new blinds being installed Wednesday. He started doing the loads of washing, shrubbed the bathroom and shower, grouted and sealed the shower and made me soup before l conked out in bed upstairs. He even cared for Miss Two when l couldn't get off the couch. I am truly lucky to have a hubby willing to look after two sickies without complaining one bit.
So whilst l lay on the couch dying, I explored Typography posters, alphabet artwork, colour + a little birthday goodness for some inspiration. I have to come up with some ideas for the baby shower in November and found this wonderful DIY here which I am going to defiantly do to celebrate that we are having a BOY! And once l know the colours of the party some painted branches would look great with foliage and l love this too.
I think l have the colour scheme decided for the nursery + love the idea of a wall of picture frames in black and white in a room where wood features. Our Birch Stokke cot will reside in the Study come nursery and there are teak book shelves and an Ash grey couch that folds out to a double bed for guests. I'm thinking painting the walls white will be the first step in having a clean slate to decorate.
I love the idea of wood and pastels, which would have been great for Miss Two's room although we went with a nature theme of green, white, wood and a touch of yellow in her artwork and bedding. Nearly three years on and she still loves her room as do we but for a boy's room l think apple green, pale blues, white, grey with touches of yellow and black might give it a boyish look without it being to busy and cluttered. I've been busy putting my wishlist together on Pinterest.
Our little family nest has changed a lot over the 10+ years we have been here and l love our furniture. We just have to make our living spaces multipurpose which can be tricky.

Have you been busy feathering your family nest with design?
I'd love to know what are your favourite things at home.
Feel free to share it here, and here or email me at
I'd love to hear from you.

X Mummafox

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