Monday, September 3, 2012

The great garden experiment

I've been busy heralding in Spring in the garden.
My front lawn absent of grass and full of veggies always makes me smile.
Potatoes were sewn after we came back from a day at the snow yesterday.
A perfect way to end father's day.
I'll post photos of our snow adventure later. The day + trip to Lake mountain was a brilliant and magical wonderland with sunshine, no wind and a very happy munchkin flying down the slope on her toboggan.
My little snow bunny.
Now back to the potatoes + garden update-
I used a bunch of hardwood stakes, a hammer + some flower wire to encircle the potato frame and l then secured it with gardening ties to keep its shape. The square, high enclosure was filled with 5-10cms of organic compost and 8 pieces of seed potatoes placed in the bottom with the sprout facing up. The potatoes were covered over and patted down ensuring no light gets in because if potatoes poke their heads up out of the dirt they can turn green and become toxic.
The trick is to keep filling the potato foliage with dirt to promote potatoes to grow and get more out of your crop. I always use a dirt and straw ratio in layers.
I used potatoes in my pantry that had begun to sprout. I cut a 5cm piece with the sprout off the potato, put it on a piece of kitchen towel to dry and then used it to start the potato bed. Easy peazy.
I then planted three garden bags with other seed potatoes I'd prepared earlier on my footpath.
Pak Choy, several varieties of lettuce and more spring onions were added as well to the garden to ensure we have a good harvest when the weather is warmer.
My carrot and parsnip run are providing yummy treats daily and Miss two has been enjoying them raw or in our meals. She's been known to pick our snowpeas on the way to the car and munch happily on our way out somewhere.
My snowpeas are doing well I harvested this morning and had two cups full ready for salads + stirfry's. The first planting of Broccoli is continuing to shoot small florets perfect for quiche, salads + stirfry's and my leeks are nearly ready to pick. Kale, silverbeet, cos lettuce + beetroot will continue to find their way onto our plates for another couple of weeks.
I would love to try Beetroot risotto.
The garlic seedlings are still small but green and healthy and I've just left them alone to do their thing.
Daffodils + tulips are poking their green leaves up through the succulents near the letter boxes it should be fun to watch them flower. And our blueberries, raspberries and lime tree are budding ready for Spring.
You can see the change of season in the growth that's occurred over the last week.
I found healthy tomato plant at the front door that I have staked ready for summer.
Little sunflower seedlings have come up from last season which was a nice surprise when I was looking through the garden yesterday.
I'm going to ready a section where the carrots were for tomatoes and basil.
I'll try and plant tomatoes, zuccihinis and cucumbers soon if i can find some room.
And once again I'll plant patches of sunflowers to encourage the rosellas and parrots in the area and brighten the place up over summer. It always makes Miss Two and us happy when we look out the window. I seed saved last year and collected a couple of hundred seeds of all different varieties and colours, so this years it'll be pot luck with what colours + varieties go together as I dried them together in one big jar.
It'll be interesting to see how many grow.

What's growing in your garden?

Are you getting ready to plant a spring garden?

If anyone needs sunflower seeds for the garden shoot me an email, or comment here- I'm more than happy to share.

Happy Monday everyone!

x Mummafox
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