Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The great garden experiment # 2

It's been a perfect Spring day today to enjoy the sunshine, some scootering on the driveway, pulling out old veggies with Miss Two's help and fertilizing the soil with blood and bone + worm wee ready for planting.
I pulled the Brussel Sprouts that just didn't produce. The broccoli bed was finished so Miss Two took delight in stripping the leaves off the plant and watching me clearing the space.
The last of the carrots were harvested. Thursday I'm going to do a carrot, potato and curry rice frittata with some Cos lettuce from the garden or with some mini homemade chicken pies.
I'm tempted to do Tempura too over the weekend it's the kind of spring meal I enjoy with my little family after a day spent in the sun. I might even buy some Matilda Bay Beez Neez (Honey Wheat Beer) or I.G.P (Aust. Cloudy Ale) beer that I was introduced to when we visited the Matilda Bay Brewery for a friend's birthday on Saturday just to go with my fav Asian meal.

During the great overhaul-
Two snowpeas runners were stripped + I'm tempted to keep the frames up for cucumbers.
Miss Two and Ads are growing tomato seedlings. Ads is the experimental science buff so it was the perfect bonding activity for them to do together. This is how he did it- Ads cut 8 toilet rolls in half and using four takeaway containers made some holes in two of the trays and placed them inside a tray without holes. That way when you water the seeds the water runs through to the bottom tray to ensure the cardboard doesn't fall apart + the water doesn't go everywhere.
They planted- Black Russians seeds, Tiny Tims, Roma's, Gross Lisse to add to the garden along with a Diggers variety from last year that came up near our front door. The tomatoes will be planted where the carrot bed was as it gets loads of sun and borders the walk way for easy pruning, staking and harvesting.
We have been mindful to teach Miss Two about taking care of the environment and recycling. What a great example of recycling for our little people as we get to use plastic containers and toilet rolls for seed raising over and over again. And when the seeds come up you just take the half toilet roll, make a whole in the diet and ant directly where you want it to grow. I'll keep a seed raising photo diary and share it with you.

I'm going to plant the sunflower seeds with Miss Two soon but I'm cautious as it's been so wet so I'll wait till the ground dries up. Tulips and daffodils continue to grow foliage.
Currently in the garden there is:
Celery, kale, silverbeet, lettuces, peas, snow peas, beetroot,
parsnips + a line of cauliflower and broccoli.
Herbs: Parsley, oregano, olive herb, chives, coriander, mint, apple mint, sage, nasturtiums and of course my glut of garlic seedlings.

What's in your garden?
Are you planning on starting your Spring planting?
For those that gave me their addresses to send sunflower seeds they will be in the post tomorrow.

Happy Gardening and let me know how it goes.

x Mummafox

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