Monday, September 10, 2012

Pregnancy + vibrancy- Monday's Link love

This morning was spent enjoying Mother's group, our local cafe for a coffee, the library and the shops to grab a few things including a ex-rental of Nemo which led to Miss Two and I doing the happy dance and jumping with happiness.
I'm six months pregnant this week and the bump now gets there before l do. Having only put on six kilos so far, it's still a challenge to see my bump grow and be OK with it after losing so much weight. Having been a much bigger girl five years ago, l never want to go back there so I'm trying to stay present and mindful of what I am eating and how l feeling about my ever changing body. 
I'm beginning to feel more connected to being pregnant and we are starting to dream of how things will be in the new year as a family. I can't wait to have Tully in the baby sling and wander down the beach with Miss Two and Ads and enjoy the summertime as one big, happy family. Have morning cuddles in bed while l breastfeed. Introducing Tully to the world. Spending lazy summer days under our vintage shade umbrella's while Miss Two splashes and plays in the backyard while we BBQ and bubs sleeps in the moses basket or hammock. Exploring the world of another little person with Miss Two along for the ride. But most of all we will be together for a month when the baby arrives and it'll be a special time to bond and enjoy our little family nest together. 
I need to create a space and do something to give voice to this pregnancy, perhaps get a day to so a Jungian Sandtray of my pregnancy story like l did when pregnant with Poppy. Or plant something symbolic in the garden- perhaps a blueberry bush near the lime tree or a mini fruit tree bordering the carport to embrace the new life growing in me.
Tully kicks all the time and l think l freaked Ads out the other night when he felt the baby kick over and over again. I think he is going to be either a football player or a yoga instructor. I don't think men can comprehend the immense beauty and struggle of pregnancy, that tug of war of being amazed at growing a life and yet the desire to want your body back. However, it's lovely watching Ads spend time talking to the bump, dreaming of all the things to teach the two munchkins and what he hopes for our family of four.

Today's link love makes me smile, it's as simple as that. It about colour, personality and vibrancy, the drumbeat to this crazy life l live. 

I checked out Mesop's new range in Fitzroy the other day and picked up a new cardie in brown, it's all about layering these days for me. I'd love a vintage floral suitcase for my hospital bag, I found several l liked here, here, here and here. And dream nappy bag ideas (because one can dream) unless l make one myself which is more than likely, a custom leather bag here, and a Nancybird wonder here.
I've been taking some time to dream of things for the new nursery and after purchasing a lamp from Bird Textiles last week l think our colour scheme will be natural wood, white, green, grey with touches of blue. We already have a Stokke cot in Birch, a green bird mobile, a green and white lamp and a ash grey couch to go in the Study/nursery. 
So colourful pillows, storage, wooden crates , wire baskets + nature themed artwork have been on the top of my treasure hunt list, I'll post a baby wish list in a week or so and share all the things l have been dreaming of. 
Don't forget to spread the word about Poppyfox to your friends I'd love to do a giveaway soon and once we reach 200 likers on Facebook I will, so let your friends know. Join me on facebook, pinterest, at the Year long get together group and here. 

What have you been up to in the Spring sunshine?
How was your weekend?

x Mummafox

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