Saturday, September 8, 2012

My week in Instagram- the low down

My week began-
with a cake + trip to the snow for Father's day.
Then our days were spent with friends, at boxing class, in the playground, in the garden, out in the sunshine + laughing with Miss Two.
I've been trying to embrace September silliness the focus of the Year Long Get Together group on fb. By the way feel free to join it it's a great experience in self awareness of the simple things.
I made crazy crayons for the shop + spent lazy afternoons doing craft with Miss Two.
Taking the time to smile, laugh and love. I've been mindful of forgiveness this week.
Planting, harvesting, cooking + eating from the garden.
Cleaning and continuing the great home improvement mission before the new year.
Still so much to do.
Enjoyed 3 hours alone on Wednesday putting 5 baskets of clothes + things away thanks Steph for babysitting my little birdie.
I tried to enroll Miss Two in a day of childcare only to find out Thursday's are booked till next year!
We have been brewing home brew, making homemade stock, sausage rolls and a tagine, reading a book or two + enjoying afternoon cuddles on the couch.
Miss two now falls asleep in her big bed at 7:30pm to the sound of daddy's voice reading the Encanted Faraway Tree + mummy giving a back rub. No more battles like before.
The baby bump is growing, 23 weeks on, I'm starting to rest when tired and to select a couple of things to focus on a day. I've spent my nights under my Winter's Nest quilt resting + reading.
It's a sewing week next week-
a Wedding quilt in reds, grey and blues. Then Charlie Sling bags + bunting to finish. Reversible pinnies + simple shift dresses to cut out.
I'm slowly getting there but it all takes time, I guess that's the life of a stay at home mum + a pregnant one too.

How has your week been?
What silliness have you been getting up to?
Are you going to have an adventure this weekend?

Happy Friday Everyone.

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