Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My take on the Caesar Salad- Tuesday's in the Kitchen

Sometimes there are nights where you want something quick + healthy. We all experience those nights where it's five pm and you still havn't thought about what you're making for dinner. Caesar Salads the cheats way is one of those meals. We grow our own Cos lettuce all year round and have this once or twice a week if we're busy. 

A Cos lettuce washed or 2 small Cos lettuce
6-8 Free range bacon rashes diced
1 smoked chicken fillet or a Roast chicken
4-5 slices of bread
3 Free range eggs
2-3 tsp of Olive oil
Caesar dressing
Yumm Original dressing

How to make
Slice the cooked chicken fillet thin slices. Wash and pat dry lettuce or use a lettuce spinner. I love using our lettuce spinner which we bought last summer, it keeps lettuce crisp and dry ready to eat. Sometimes I'll wash and spin the lettuce picked from the garden and just keep the whole lettuce spinner in the fridge till l need it. Our lettuce spinner actually folds down for easy storage when we don't need it. A worthy investment if you have the money.
Boil eggs in a small saucepan until soft/medium boiled. I've got one of those half egg timers you put in with the egg that tells you how long it needs. I'd say 1 minute to 1.5 minutes you want it slightly runny.
Cut bread into cubes for salad. Dice bacon and cook with a tsp or two of oil in a fry pan. Lightly coat bread in the remaining oil and toast in fry pan.
Dry on some kitchen towel.
Cut or tear Cos lettuce in bite size pieces. Mix everything together. Peel eggs and either slice or cut into wedges, the yolk should still be runny. Serve in bowls at the table.
Because I'm pregnant I can't eat traditional Caesar salad dressing as it has raw egg in it so I use Yumm dressings Original dressing. I confess I'm addicted to it and put it on all my salads. Their Thai Zing dressing is fantastic as a Yum Cha dipping sauce, stir fry sauce or on a noodle salad. 
Miss Two and Ads love Cardini's Caesar dressing for their Caesar Salads.
Everyone simply pours dressing onto their salads at the table and can choose a little or a lot of dressing.
Tuck in!

What have you been cooking lately? Have you got a favourite recipe. Share it here or email at Poppyfoxathome@gmail.com.au, I'd love to hear from you.
Happy cooking.

X Mummafox
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