Thursday, September 27, 2012

Home Improvement- This is an adventure

Last weekend was a mammoth one cleaning, painting + organizing.
The house is in a mess at the moment and I've spent much of the week attempting to bring order back into the living areas. Two more bags are on their way to the op shop tomorrow morning and I've been ruthless with simplifying our belongings.
After swimming on Saturday Miss Two went to Nana's for a day of Springtime fun outdoors while her parents got the laundry ready for painting. Everything in the laundry went into the lounge and Ads got busy plastering and sanding the walls, ceiling and door ready for painting on Sunday.
I got some weird eye problem on Friday while cleaning the house when Miss Two went for her first day of childcare. My eye got so sore I began wearing a pirate eye patch over the weekend til Monday afternoon when they were able to treat and fix my eye. But l managed to clean the kitchen up, put away endless paperwork lying around + stack up the dry washing ready for folding.
Sunday morning after coffees at home, Dan helped Ads paint the walls, door and under the cupboards in the laundry. Terracotta pots were taken from the balcony and repositioned in the front garden ready for planting. Sim and Radha took Miss Two for a day of adventures in the hills. Front windows were washed and polished, the lounge vacuumed, floors washed + baskets of washing put away upstairs.
I made my Super soup for the boys for lunch with a haul of our veggies- cauliflower, purple broccoli, peas, snow peas, leek, carrot and potatoes soup. In the garden I planted a passion fruit. The peas, pea runner and snow peas were pulled out and the garden cleared ready for the weeks planting of Diggers tomatoes + mini heirloom capsicums that are going to sit next to the snow pea runner + Beetroot.
We managed two play dates this week despite Miss Two teething and have constant fevers. Lisa and Miss Ruby came by on Wednesday + we enjoyed Raspberry cornflake snaps, face painting, a picnic on the grass and a visit to the park in Montrose. It felt like an enchanted adventure.
We still have to move everything back into the laundry and put up hooks but it's slowly getting there. I've spent Wednesday and Thursday folding four loads of washing + getting our weeks dirty clothes washed + on the clothes horse to dry in the sunshine. It felt amazing at 5pm tonight when the chicken was in the oven to walk out the front, find all the clothes dry + have a moment to fold all the dry clothes and put them away. I think this weekend will be absent of washing YEY!
We were hoping to go to St. Andrew's market on Saturday morning for a Chai, some veggies and a pony ride but l think it's going to rain.
When Miss Two goes to childcare tomorrow l plan to sit down, iron fabric and sew a pinnie, some bunting for a little boy + make crazy crayons ready for a birthday party and the Etsy shop + do some gardening. I want to fill my new vintage beauty case I picked up last week for $2 with my sewing wares + my old school picnic hamper with the fabrics for the wedding quilt l will be starting next week. I also want to try to make some slow-baked Kale chips. But of course the day will start with boxing class and a visit to the local op shop in the hope of finding some vintage goodness.

How did you spend your week?

X Mummafox
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