Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We're excited- 20 weeks, it's ultrasound time.

We had our ultrasound yesterday and we found out it's a boy. 
Tully's a boy! 
Ok, it's a surprise. 
His healthy and cheeky already. 
He waved during the ultrasound. Cheeky munchkin.
He looks so cute I think he has my nose.
Being five months pregnant might explain why
I have been really tired this week.
Now we know the sex of the baby, I have a mountain of girls stuff that needs to go.
Over the next two days I'll be busy ironing, tagging and packing 
Miss Two's things she's outgrown for the market. 
Come Saturday I'll be up to my knees in baskets and plastic bags
 of goodies to sell, I just hope it's a success.
A good spring clean in Miss Two's wardrobe planned for Sunday.
Miss Two has a playdate with her godmother and a little someone on sunday
so it's going to be great getting cleaning without the munchkin under foot.

x Mummafox
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