Sunday, August 5, 2012

We're excited- 19 weeks and counting

Coming up to 19 weeks this week.
It's gone quickly.
I have been trying to live a simple life and learning each day that less is more.
Enjoying picking snow peas, coriander and broccoli for soup for lunch from the garden.
Sipping my tea and savouring the taste.
Creating bedlinen for Miss Two's new room.
Being inspired by other people's creativity.
Watching Miss Two creating these amazing family drawings (notice the mummy with a baby in her tummy) just beautiful.
Watching the sunlight dabbled on the floor through the blinds.
The wind moving the gums and making them dance.
I have relished rest when nauseous.
I have stayed on the couch in my PJ's getting over the flu this weekend/start of the week. I've now put my back out which gives me more reason to rest.
And not felt guilty that l'm too weak to do much else.
It hit me Saturday morning and Ads has been great playing with Miss Two, cooking and keeping my alive.
I simply stopped doing everything else.
I rested.
I enjoyed cuddles and kisses with Miss Two.

Watching Ads and Miss Two exploring their creativity with Lego.

Being camped out on our lounge room floor by the fire staying warm.
Sharing morning cuddles in our big bed under our Winter's Nest Quilt in the mornings, talking.
Sharing special moments with Ads + being our little family of 3.

Two weeks and we will find out if we are going to have a little girl or boy.

I wonder what we are going to have?

What do you think?

x Mummafox

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